Recycled art project ideas

Recycled art project ideas from a flea market find

by Cat Kerr

Material List:

Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Measure Cups
• Old Book Text
• Mod Podge
• Scissors
• disposable brush
• popsicle sticks
• wax paper
• Flea Market Finds
• rub ons
• metal frame
Jax Brown Patina
• Ultra Fine Steel wool
• Images
• Paper Towels
• Brass Filigree leaves
• Awl
• Metallic Lustre Gold by Deco Arts (can be found in most craft stores)
• Hot Glue Gun
• Fabric Bed stiched together out of scraps
• Fabric covered Wire
• Fine Glitter

flea market kitchen utensils

When I first spotted this grater and cutter in the flea market I had no clue what I was going to do with them, but what I knew for sure was that I loved the shapes and wear on them. I was especially fond of the “3 in 1” stamp on the top of the grater, later that would be the focus in my “3 women” theme. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

1. Add paper to the back of the open metal part using tacky glue. When dry trim with scissors. Add Mod Podge(or whatever sealer you have on hand) to front and back to seal the paper.

photo frame with resin

2. Add Jax Brown Patina to a brass metal frame. Clean with paper towel and ultra fine steel wool. Glue an image onto the frame and seal with Mod Podge.

3. Prepare the resin. This is a 2-1 ratio and mix together for about two minutes and then let it rest for another minute. Use a disposable brush to add the resin to the paper.

4. Add resin to the frames.

5. Add resin to the book paper and embed the filigree leave into the resin and brush on some more resin over the leaf and let it cure. When dry trim with scissors.

6. Add some scratch marks to the resin with an awl and fill the marks with Maetallic Lustre. Wipe off excess.
7. Add rub ons to the paper.
8. Stitch together a fabric bead with scraps you have lying around.

recycled art project ideas

9. Use a hot glue gun to assemble all the pieces.

10. Add a final layer of resin and sprinkle with fine glitter.

What do you think?  What other recycled art project ideas do you have?

When using Patina and Resin, be sure to read the directions and follow proper safety precautions.


• Use wax paper to protect your work space.
• Be sure to scrape the sides of the cups when mixing the resin.
• If you accidentally get some resin on the clay, carefully wipe it with a wet wipe.

Want to see more?  Watch the video of the project:

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