Recycled resin bracelet – turn a watch into a resin bracelet

recycled watch resin braceletHow to recycle a watch into a resin bracelet

Originally published September 2013.  Updated January 2020.

What do you when you have a pile of old watches that no longer work?  You recycle them into a resin bracelet.   You won’t believe how easy this is!

Resin supplies needed for this project:


Step 1

taping a hole in a watch face

Clean the watch of any dirt and debris before starting.  Place masking tape over any open holes (like from winding gears) to make sure the resin doesn’t escape.

Step 2

applying glue to the inside of a watch

Apply a layer of glue to the inside of the open watch bezel. Allow to dry for several hours.  You want to make sure resin isn’t going to leak out through the back.

Step 3

mixing resin with glow powder

Mix an appropriate amount of resin.  (For this watch, I mixed 20 ml.)  If you are new to this, learn how to mix resin.   Add the glow powder and mix thoroughly.  Use approximately 1 part glow powder per 4 parts of resin.

Of course, adding the glow powder is optional.  You could add colored resin instead.

Step 4

pouring resin into a broken watch

Gently pour the resin and glow powder mixture into the empty watch.

Step 5

using a heat gun to remove bubbles from resin

Use a heat gun to remove bubbles.

Cover and allow your recycled resin bracelet to cure.

Step 6

adding red resin to a recycled watch

For the next layer, mix a small amount of clear resin and add a drop of red transparent dye.  Mix well.  Pour a thin layer over the cured first layer.

Cover and allow to cure.

Step 7

transparency sheet

Choose a transparency pattern and trim to fit your recycled resin bracelet.

Mix another batch of clear resin.

Step 8

adding clear resin to a watch

Place a small amount of clear resin on top of the colored resin.  Do not overfill.  You just need enough to coat the surface.

Step 9

dipping transparency into resin

Dip the transparency piece into the resin.  This will break the surface tension and make it less likely that you will trap bubbles.

Step 10

placing transparency in recycled watch

Place the transparency into the puddle of clear resin.  Use your stir stix to adjust the placement.

Cover and allow to cure.

recycled watch resin bracelet

Enjoy your new recycled resin bracelet!

glow in the dark resin

Here’s how the bracelet looks glowing.  Quite frankly, I don’t like it as much because it’s not glowing quite as brightly with the layer of transparent red resin.  If I were to do this over, I would use red glow in the dark powder with the resin to get it to glow red.

I wanted to see if the green glow powder would glow as brightly with the red layer over top of it.  The answer looks to be no.


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8 thoughts on “Recycled resin bracelet – turn a watch into a resin bracelet

  1. Very interesting, I thought the red would show up more, or maybe make the green a more muddy color, but still be brighter than it is.
    I am making working watch faces into pendant necklaces.

    1. Red & green are complimentary colours, meaning they are opposites on the colour wheel – so they cancel each other out (like using a green primer under your make-up when you have red cheeks). The experiment might have worked better with 2 colours which aren’t complimentary, but analogous. An internet search on ‘Colour Theory’ will show you some charts that mention complimentary & analogous colours. Good luck 🙂

  2. Drat – the cat struck again! I meant to say more!
    I am making working watch faces into pendant necklaces.
    I have an old pocket watch case that would make a really nice locket with a resin embellishment inside, and on the front, where it is scratched.

  3. I love this! I love making resin jewelry. Curious.. was that an Avon watch? lol. I think that I may have one laying around. Looks like I’ll need to try it out to add this to my inventory of resin jewelry.

    Thanks for the tutorial!


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