Recycled watch jewelry – Recycle flea market finds into a resin bracelet

recycled watch parts bracelet DIY

When I went to the local flea market last fall, I bought a bag full of watches and watch parts. I managed to pull some of the faces off the watches and thought they would be cool to serve as bezels for a recycled watch jewelry resin bracelet!


resin bracelet

Start by firmly pressing each open watch face circle onto the sticky side of a piece of masking tape.


opaque resin

Mix a doming resin. Add white opaque color pigment.


how to make a resin bracelet

Add a small amount to the center of each circle. (Warning — you will not need much.)  You want enough to cover the bottom of the circle, while still leaving some room to apply a layer of clear resin to your recycled watch jewelry.


pouring resin

Use a toothpick to draw the resin out to the edge of each circle. Cover with a dome and allow to cure.

For the second layer, mix up more crystal doming epoxy resin. Using a toothpick, drop several drops of the clear resin onto the center of each circle.  If you have never mixed resin before, this will help:  how to mix epoxy resin


glass beads and resin

Add your embedments or findings. (I used micro glass beads.) Cover and allow to cure. Once the pieces have cured, peel them away from the masking tape.


Resin Obsession toobies

Cut Resin Obsession toobies into an appropriate length for the back of each circle. You will need two for each link. Thread the cut toobies onto two 8 inch pieces of 20 gauge wire. (The wire will help you to line up the toobies evenly onto the back of the links.)


E6000 adhesive

Apply a dot of E6000 adhesive to the back of the bezels and the underside of the toobies. Firmly press the toobies onto the bezels. Be careful not to get E6000 onto the copper wire, or you will glue it to your piece!  Once the glue has dried, remove the wire.


bead cord

Thread stretchy bead cord through your toobie pieces.  Tie the ends in a square knot.


resin bracelet

Enjoy your new recycled watch jewelry resin bracelet!

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6 thoughts on “Recycled watch jewelry – Recycle flea market finds into a resin bracelet

  1. @Kathy,

    Facings might be the better word. What I used are the round part that goes around the outside of the watch. There is no center to these. Maybe it was from a changeable watch face kit??

  2. On the recycled watch parts segment using the round gold looks like watch facings. Maybe. ?? Do they NIT have like glass facings in them ? I know it saids to press down on masking tape and pour a small amount of resin mix with a small amount of white opaque my question is ….. If they do not have a clear facing in the circle will the Resin. NOT. Leak out?

  3. Hi – I haven’t had too much luck with sticking an open frame or bezel using clear tape because it leaves the back cloudy or sticky and creates extra work. I have found that using a clear vinyl transfer tape made by Cricut works extremely well. You can get it at Michaels and comes with 4 12 x 24 sheets for about $10 and if you have one of those 40% off coupons, well even better. I have a whole box full of watches that I don’t wear anymore. They were pretty cheap and probably don’t have the metal parts inside, but worth a shot to try and take them apart at least for the frames.

  4. I’m more likely to try to swap working watch parts for those that don’t work any more, and keep using the watches. (;)

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