Color Blocked Resin bangle tutorial

Resin bangle tutorial

Color Blocked Confetti Bangle

By Myléne HillamMill Lane Studio

Supplies needed:

EasyCast epoxy resin
Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments: Yellow, White
Castin’Craft Transparent Dyes: Red, Blue
Silicone bangle mold of your choice.  A clear bangle mold with some thickness through the middle will give best results.
Silicone trivet with hexagonal cavities (here’s a similar one)
Gas torch or BBQ gas lighter
Measuring cups
Wooden stir sticks
Nitrile gloves
180 grit wet/dry sandpaper
Utility knife

Before beginning, work out the volume of your mold. To do this, fill the mold with rice or water and pour it into a measuring cup. If you use water, dry the mold thoroughly before continuing.  Otherwise, you can use the math formulas here:  How much resin do I need?

resin being measured in plastic cup

Day 1

Measure out equal quantities of Parts A and B of EasyCast. You will need approximately ¾ fl oz total.

resin mix stirred with wooden stirrer

Stir the resin until it is mixed. Next, scrape the walls of the cup to remove any unmixed resin and stir again until fully mixed. Pour the mixed resin into a second cup and mix again. Double mixing ensures the resin is thoroughly blended.

resin colorant being added to resin mix.

Divide the resin between four cups and color each one a different color with a few drops of colorant. Mix each one thoroughly. Allow the resin to sit for five minutes so that any bubbles can rise to the surface and pop.

poring resin onto silicone mat

Pour the colors onto the silicone mat, one at a time.

spreading resin on silicone mat

Use the side of a wooden stir stick to spread the resin across the mat so that the hexagons are not joined together. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend time cutting the hexagons apart later.

passing a flame across the resin to pop bubbles

Pass a flame across the resin briefly to pop any bubbles. Take care to keep the flame moving at all times. Set the resin aside to cure for 24 hours.

mixing resin with wooden stirrer in plastic cup

Mix another batch of resin, half the volume of the mold. Color it with a few drops of yellow pigment and set it aside for five minutes so the bubbles can rise.

propped up resin bangle mold

Prop the bangle mold at an angle with a sturdy object underneath it. The angle of the mold will determine how high you can fill the mold before it spills as well as how far around the mold the resin will travel. Aim for it to reach the top of the mold on the low side and to just meet on the high side of the mold.

pouring resin into bangle mold

Slowly pour the resin into the mold from the low side, allowing the resin to work its way around to the high side of the mold. That should be when the resin has reached the top on the low side of the mold. Leave the resin to cure overnight.

peeling resin pieces from silicone mat

Day 2

Peel the hexagonal resin pieces off the silicone mat. Cut apart any pieces which are joined together and trim the hexagons so they have clean edges.

coating resin hexagon pieces in resin

Mix another batch of resin to fill the second half of the mold. Once the bubbles have dissipated, place several hexagons into the cup to coat them with resin.

inserting hexagon resin confetti into resin inside bangle mold

Place the mold flat on your workspace. Use the stir stick to transfer the coated hexagons from the cup to the mold one at a time. As you fill the mold with hexagons, tease out any bubbles. Keep adding precoated hexagons until the mold is filled. Top up the mold with clear resin and set it aside to cure for 24 hours.

removing resin bangle bracelet from silicone mold

Peel the silicone away from the resin on all sides and pull the bangle out of the mold.

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trimming away rough edges of resin bangle with utility knife

Trim away any rough edges from the top of the bangle. If necessary, sand it lightly with wet/dry sandpaper to make it level.

applying resin to bangle with wooden stir stick

Mix another small batch of resin. Allow it to sit until it thickens a little. Apply a few drops around the top of the bangle and carefully spread them to create a slightly-rounded dome. Leave to cure for 24 hours before wearing.


resin bangle bracelet DIY

The contrasting colors really add some unique visual interest to this resin bangle.  What colors would you use?

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