Resin Christmas ornament tutorial – make holiday ornaments

make Christmas ornament with resin

Resin charms aren’t just for jewelry!  If you are looking for an easy resin Christmas ornament tutorial, then you will love this one!

Choose and prepare the mold

mold release preparation

For your resin Christmas ornaments, choose a mold with shapes you like.  These Christmas molds are nice:  resin Christmas silicone molds

Apply a light mist of Castin’ craft mold release and conditioner and allow to dry.

Mix and pour the resin

pouring resin into a reusable plastic mold

Mix a resin specially designed for molds.   I used Resin Obsession super clear jewelry quality resin.  It cures hard and crystal clear!

Pour a bit of mixed resin into the mold.  To create resin charms with some depth, pour enough to cover the bottom of the mold, then let it cure before the next layer.

Gather clip art for your resin ornaments

Christmas clip art

Use clip art and photo editing software to create a page of colorful clip art.  To get the best results, I always have a copy store do the next part.  After printing the page of clip art on my color printer, I went to my local copy store and had them copy the sheet onto a clear transparency.  I have found that printing on home printers sometimes doesn’t keep the colors from running.  This is the secret to having crisp images in this resin Christmas ornament tutorial.

The other great thing about using transparencies in resin is that you can trim them to the size you need, then use them in resin without needing to seal them first.

Pour the second layer of resin and add the art

coat reindeer transparency

For the second layer, pour another thin layer of resin.  Before placing the transparency in the mold, coat it with resin.  This will help to break the surface tension and make it less likely that you will trap bubbles underneath.

Add colors to the second layer

resin color additives

For my last layer, I wanted to try a variety of different effects.  I used:

resin curing heart and stars mold

For the final layer of this resin Christmas ornament tutorial, mix another small amount of resin and add your colorants or additives as desired.

Cover and allow to cure.

Demold the resin charms

demold resin star charm

Demold the resin charms by twisting the mold and pushing them out from the back.  You will know that you are making progress when you see an air line as you are twisting.

Sand off any sharp edges as necessary.  If you have never done that before, this article explains how to sand resin.

resin Christmas charms

Here’s how the finished charms turned out.  Quite frankly, I was a little disappointed that after adding the colors, some of the transparencies were hard to see.

glue bail onto ornament

To make the charms into an ornament, I went with my favorite — a glue-on bail!  To adhere the resin charm to the bail, apply a dot of E6000 glue to bail and the corresponding spot on the resin charm.

resin Christmas ornament

After allowing the glue to cure, hang your new charm on a ribbon.  (P.S. This makes a great package decoration that the gift recipient can keep!)

Want to learn more about resin jewelry making and resin crafting?  Then grab your copy of the Amazon best-selling book, Resin Jewelry Making.  It has five projects you can make this weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Resin Christmas ornament tutorial – make holiday ornaments

  1. I like how the large domed ornament turned out. I think I will do something like that with the coaster molds I just got.

  2. Thank you so much in sharing your info, that dome turn out great. I would love to make personal ornament, make a snowflake with the children’s name in middle. That will be on my next years todo list since I am so new to this resin world. 😉

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