Resin frame tutorial

Resin frame tutorial

epoxy clay frame

After making a frame with epoxy clay a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what I was going to do with it next.  While it would be cute to make it into a tiny picture frame, I decided the picture on the inside would be too small to see easily.  I decided instead to repurpose it into a holiday themed lapel pin.

place frame onto tape

I placed the frame onto the sticky side of masking tape.

pouring resin into frame

I wanted to have the extra surface tension of a doming resin (to make it less likely to leak underneath), so I used a little bit of Castin’ Craft Easy Cast resin.  I poured in enough resin to cover three-quarters of the bottom of the frame and let it spread out.

adding glitter to resin

I wanted a sparkly background to the frame, so I added some Stampendous gold microglitter to the resin.

glitter pulling away from resin

Because the microglitter is very fine, it’s going to pull away from the sides of the frame.  If you want glitter to the edge of the frame, you are going to need to add more once the resin starts to cure.  I checked (and added) glitter to this twice:  one hour and two hours after pouring.  At that point the resin will be tacky, but not liquid.  That will keep the glitter from pulling away or sinking.

resin overspill

Once the resin has cured, pull the frame away from the tape.  You can see that a bit of resin seeped underneath the frame.  No problem.  Since it was thin enough, I snapped it off with a pair of chain nose pliers.  (This also works best while it is still in the soft cure to fully cured stage.)

finished epoxy clay and resin frame

Now comes the happy accident time.  You can see from the picture that there is gold glitter on the top of the frame.  That wasn’t supposed to be there.  I have two theories about what could have happened.

1.  I was sloppy with the resin and got some on the sides.  When I sprinkled the glitter, of course it stuck to the resin.  Don’t think it’s this.  I’m pretty fussy about watching where my resin goes.

2.  I dumped in a bunch of glitter (think avalanche, not sprinkle).  So much in fact, that it came up the sides of the frame and wicked resin onto the top surface.  Yeah, think that’s it.

Anyway, I LOVE the new look.  Makes it kinda shabby chic.

What do you think?  What would you do for the next step?



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Rhonda J. Hunter

I would have “glittered” the frame and put a cameo in it, or a fancy decal, then more resin to dome it.

Katherine Swift

Do you know what’s coming up? Your comment is pretty close to what I was planning!


I think I would put a small picture of Fido or Fluffy in the center where there is less glitter. Then I would get, or make, a small silver bone or small silver mouse for the top right corner of the frame. At least that’s what I came up with at 2:40am. 🙂


I would now add some little trinkets of the holiday and have them hang over the side as well. Like an exploding holiday scene. So far the frame looks good.


I would have put the masking tape on the top of the frame also. Then I would carefully trim it to create an opening for the reisn and the glitter to go thru and then shake it ever so slightly to make it go to the edges. when cured…peel the masking tape of the taop as you do for the bottom and viola…no glitter on the top of your frame….


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