Resin heart tutorial – Make resin hearts 5 ways

How to make resin hearts five different ways


by Penny Reid

I LOVE HEARTS and with Valentine’s Day coming up, all the shops are full of heart-shaped stuff!  What better time to  share a resin heart tutorial!

After finding a heart-shaped silicone mold in the baking section at my local craft store, I thought it would be fun to experiment with making different styles of resin hearts.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the hearts but knew the results would inspire me and indeed they did.  In the end, I used the hearts to create art that is not only fun for Valentine’s Day but can be left up year-round too.  (You can see how I use them to create Valentine’s Day wall art.)

finished hearts



Here are the embellishments I will use in the molds:

#1 – From my collection of coloured beads, I picked out the red ones and put them around the edges

#2 – Iridescent/pearl confetti (found in the party section of the dollar store).  Stampendous shaved ice would work here as well.

#3 – Glass Glitter

embellishments for resin hearts



I will also add colourants – not all of these are resin colourants, but they are all acrylic or oil-based (water-based products do not work well, the resin often cures soft or not at all)

#1 – Transparent clothing dye (hot pink) added with glass beads

#2 – Ice Resin Color Tint (purple) added to the iridescent confetti

#3 – No colour added to the glass glitter

#4 – Resin Obsession Opaque Color Pigments (red and white), plus a couple drops of silicone oil

#5 – Pebeo Vitrail Transparent Glass Paint (red)

#6 – Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (bronze and gold)

colorants for resin hearts



Here are the colourants added to the cups waiting for the clear resin.  HINT: If you can find silicone cupcake molds, they are great for mixing resin and are reusable — just wait twenty-four hours for the resin to dry.  Most of it will flake off easily and the rest you can just wipe away with a lint-free cloth.

adding colorants to cups



I used Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin.

adding resin to colorant cups.



I added mixed resin to the mold cups.  Oops, over-poured the purple one!

resin and colorant mixed and ready to go



The resin is in the mold, but I need to blow out the bubbles. I use an Embellishment Heating Tool and find it works very well. Cover to cure.

blow out bubbles in resin

cover resin hearts to cure



Twenty-four hours later and ready.  Here they are demolded.

de-molded resin hearts



Let’s look at each one in closer detail!

#1 – Transparent Clothing Dye with Glass Beads

The glass beads stayed in place (sometimes lighter embellishments can float around) but the dye was not as transparent as I expected.  You can’t really see the beauty of the glass beads, but it did create a very intense neon pink and the dye blended perfectly into the resin.

resin heart with beads


#2 – Ice Resin Colour Tint (purple) and Iridescent Confetti

This one turned out pretty cool!  It is quite transparent and the confetti really adds an extra element of interest.

Ice Resin Colour Tint (purple) and Iridescent Confetti


#3 – The Stampendous Glass Glitter

You can see that all the glitter sunk to the bottom.  This isn’t surprising given how heavy it is.  This is my favourite one.  It really shines!

clear heart with glitter

clear heart with glitter side view

clear heart with glitter back side


#4 – Resin Obsession Red and White Opaque with silicone oil

Naturally, the opaque colorant made a solid color.  It’s interesting how the white created a marbling effect, but I’m not sure the oil added too much interest here.  Perhaps it needed more than two drops? In any case, I like it!

the opaque resin heart with resiblast


#5 – Pebeo Vitrail Transparent Glass Paint (red) with Pearl Powder

This one turned out very neat!  The color is also a little more solid than I thought a transparent paint would be, but I did add quite a lot of the vitrail paint. Also, although I had not planned for it, I thought that this one needed a little more interest so I added some Pearl Powder Color when I was pouring the resin.  I’m glad I did as it really adds to the finish.

Pebeo Vitrail Transparent Glass Paint (red) heart with Pearl Powder


#6 – Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (bronze and gold)

Most of the powder sunk to the bottom but a lot of it stayed in the middle and on top too so it looks layered and has some depth. If I had to pick a side I think I like the shiny side the most, but mostly I don’t like it!  LOL! It’s dull. I think pearl ex is best used sparingly, when I use a little in resin paintings I am never disappointed.

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments bronze and gold heart

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments bronze and gold heart back side



Molds always create bit of an edge on resin castings that you can leave or sand down. If you do sand them down, you will need sand paper or a sanding block with a coarse grade (40-60) for the initial sanding and then a fine sand paper  (80-120) to create a smooth finish.

Molds always leave bit of an edge that you can leave or sand down

sanding with coarse grade sandpaper

sanding with fine grade sandpaper to finish



As a final step for this resin heart tutorial, I add a sparse amount of sparkly glue.  This not only added a little bit of extra sparkle, but it also shined up the matte finish left by the silicone mold.

adding glitter glue to resin heart


finished hearts

How will I use these beautiful resin hearts?  I’m using them in this easy Valentine’s Day resin crafts project.

Which of the hearts in this resin heart tutorial is your favorite?

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7 thoughts on “Resin heart tutorial – Make resin hearts 5 ways

  1. I’m particularly partial to purple 😛 It would be neat to make multilayered hearts with 2 or more pours too!

  2. They all turned out great! I love the purple one – the iridescent glitter really makes it sparkle. Thank you for the hint on the silicone cups that can be reused – I’ll be on the hunt for those.

  3. I love the purple one the best. The tie-dye look is pretty cool. Purple is also my favorite color.
    My second favorite is the last one, the one you used the pearl-ex powders in. I love the metallic speckles and i think a layer of resin over the dull side would really make them pop.

  4. Is it possible to drill these vertically so they can be used to wire wrap? Or is there a way to make a resin heart bead with a hole that goes vertically from top to bottom?

  5. Instead of adding the sparkly glue, could I just add a tiny bit of resin till I hit the edge? I could go and get the sparkly glue and almost bought some the other day but did not. Was thinking about making more resin today since I need to finish some that I sanded down the other day. Thanks.

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