5 Resin Jewelry Designs To Make When You’re Stuck For Ideas

Five resin jewelry designs to make

You’ve got an afternoon to yourself. So you’ve gathered your resin supplies because you’re not going to let this free time go to waste. But as you pull up your chair, you’re for resin jewelry designs to make.

I’ve got some resin jewelry designs for you to try, but I’ve got something else to share first.



1. You’re doing it from a place of learning.

This is like your high school biology experiments. Your teacher gave you the steps, and you recreated them. How else are you supposed to know how to grow fruit flies if you don’t get the starter kit?

Because the college course is where you learn that two-week-old peaches grow fruit flies all by themselves. 😂

2. You’re not passing it off as your original idea.

If you’re recreating resin jewelry designs, then give credit where it’s due. Because not doing that means you’re a son of a motherless chicken donut.


So now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are five resin jewelry designs you can make on your next epoxy crafting day.

💡 Pro tip: Make all the designs first, then add resin. That way, you won’t waste any of your clear epoxy by making one pendant at a time.

First layer

Resin Jewelry Design 1

ice resin iced enamels pendant

Glue paper images into a jewelry bezel blank with glue. Apply a layer of glue to the bottom of the pendant. Then, coat the back of the paper with glue and place it in the bezel. Finally, add enamel powders into the bezel to accent the border between the two pieces.


Resin Jewelry Design 2

pendant with baby image

Cut out a vintage image and glue it to the bottom of the pendant.


Resin Jewelry Design 3

Use a hole punch to randomly punch circles in colored papers. Add glue to the bottom of your jewelry bezel. Place the paper dots in the pendant. Then, apply a layer of glue over the entire punched dot surface.

preparing pendants for a second layer of resinCut a piece of the printed tissue paper to fit over the pendant with the dots, but save it for the next layer.



Resin Jewelry Design 4

glue and glitter pendant

Resin jewelry designs without a bit of glitter? Don’t even consider it. 😜

Use a vintage image as your base, then fill in the gap around the edge with glitter mixed with glue to fill in the gap.

Or you can use glitter glue for this step too.


Resin Jewelry Design 5

glass glitter shards in a resin pendant

Start this pendant with glass glitter for resin as your base. Cut out a plastic transparency sheet to go over the glitter in the next step.

Second layer

It’s time to mix the resin.

The Resin Obsession crystal doming resin is perfect for giving a crystal-clear finish to your resin jewelry designs. It self-levels meaning you don’t have to do any extra work to get an even surface. Plus, it cures glossy and shiny.

💡 Pro tip: If you’ve never mixed resin before, here’s a good article for you to review:   how to mix resin in five easy steps



Resin Jewelry Design 1

Add mixed resin plus a sprinkle of enameling powder.

Resin Jewelry Design 2

Sprinkle Stampendous shaved ice over the top of the resin after adding the clear epoxy.


Resin Jewelry Design 3

Place the tissue paper on top of the resin without sealing it. It will take up the moisture stain of the resin, making the paper translucent.

pouring a second layer of resin for jewelry

Resin Jewelry Design 4

This design only needs a layer of clear resin, but add extra glitter if you like.

Resin Jewelry Design 5

Add your transparency sheet on top of the glitter and resin.

adding glitter to resin pendantsFinish each design by adding more resin to get a high dome of resin to the pendants.

Give them a night to cure, and your resin jewelry designs have come to life.

5 resin jewelry designs with heart pendants

You can see the depth you can achieve by using resin.

ICE resin pendant tutorial

It really gives the pendants more visual interest.

Ready for more resin jewelry designs to try?

Then you’ll love How to Make Resin Jewelry in Bezels. The full-color PDF ebook has 15 projects you can recreate and SELL. Buy the book now and get an email download link in minutes.

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