Resin lego necklace – make lookalike lego bricks with resin

How To Make a Lego Look-Alike Necklace

By Myléne Hillam
Mill Lane Studio

Resin supplies list:

Quick curing casting resin
Castin’Craft Black Pigment
Adhesive Silicone block strip for Lego blocks
Teflon craft sheet
Double-sided tape
Adhesive tape
Three transfer pipettes
Graduated measuring cups
Stir sticks
Craft/utility knife
Nylon jaw pliers
Chain nose pliers

Jewelry findings to assemble the cast pieces:

5 x 16mm silver ribbon crimps
17” of silver chain of your choice
7 x 4mm silver jump rings
Silver press stud clasp (hitch and ball clasp)


A note before you begin: The resin used for lego necklace this project cures quickly.  You need to have everything set up before you mix the resin. You only have 1 1/2 to 2 minutes to work with the resin once the two parts come into contact with each other, so you will need to work quickly to avoid the resin setting up in the cup. Make sure that you’re familiar with the mixing and working instructions before you start.

Removing double sises tape liner

Step 1

Cut one length of silicone block strip. Remove the liner and center it on the Teflon craft sheet. Turn the craft sheet over and place a strip of double sided tape behind the silicone block strip so that you can anchor the craft sheet and the strip on your workspace. This will flatten out any kinks in the silicone strip from being rolled up.

Pouring Part A Fast Cast into a small measuring cup.

Step 2

Measure out 1/3 oz (10 ml) of Part A of the quick-curing resin.


Adding black pigment to Part A Fast Cast.

Mixing black resin into Part A Fast Cast.

Step 3

Add 2 small squirts of black pigment to Part A and mix it thoroughly.


Adding Part B Fast Cast to black pigment and Part A Fast cast mixture.

Step 4

Measure out 1/3oz (10ml) of Part B in the same cup. Mix the resin thoroughly according to the package instructions.  Be ready to work quickly!


Pouring resin mixture onto silicone block strip.

Step 5

Pour the resin onto the silicone block strip making sure you cover the whole strip. Use the stir stick to push any overpour onto areas that didn’t get covered.

Peeling the resin off of the silicone strip.

Step 6

Leave the resin to cure for approximately 20 minutes and then carefully peel it away from the silicone strip. This is where the resin Lego necklace starts to take shape!  Take care not to tear the silicone.

Using scalpel to remove any dots on the resin.

Use the scalpel to remove any of the dots which didn’t pop off the resin strip as you removed it from the silicone.

Bending the resin overpour in preparation to trim it.


Trimming the excess resin over pour with a utility knife.

Gently bend the resin overpour up and down along the thin wall. Use a utility knife to slice through any parts which are still attached.

Applying adhesive to back of resin strip.

Step 7

Apply adhesive tape to the back of the resin strip and burnish it well around the holes.

Filling holes in the resin strip with resin via a transfer pipette.

Step 8

For the next part, you will need to mix three or four small batches of resin so it’s important to measure accurately.

Mix a 2 teaspoon total (10 ml) batch of resin. Draw some of the resin up into a transfer pipette and carefully squeeze one drop into each hole in the resin strip. Don’t overfill the holes. You will only be able to fill about 16 to 20 holes before the resin begins to thicken. Once that happens, you will need to mix a new batch.

Repeat this process until all the holes in the strip have been filled. If you have had any minor spills, you may be able to remove these about 25 minutes after pouring. Try to carefully lift the edge of the spill with a toothpick and pull it off the grey resin. Once the resin has completely hardened you will not be able to remove any spills.

Set the resin aside to cure.

Cutting the resin strip into five pieces.

Resin strip cut into five pieces.

Step 9

Cut the strip into five pieces as follows: 2 x 5 rows, 2 x 6 rows and 1 x 7 rows.

Attaching ribbon crimp to resin piece with nylon jaw pliers.

Step 10

Slide a ribbon crimp onto the top of each piece and lightly squeeze it closed with the nylon jaw pliers. It needs to be secure but take care not to press too hard or you may break the piece.

Attaching resin pieces to jump hook chain with pliers.

Step 11

Open a jump ring and hook it through the 7-spot strip. Find the center link of the chain and hook it through. Close the jump ring securely. Attach a 6-spot and a five spot to the chain, spacing them evenly on either side of the 7-spot strip.

Attaching clasp to jump chain.

Attach one half of the clasp to either end of the chain with jump rings.

Enjoy your new resin Lego necklace!  You could easily make these into earrings as well.

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2 thoughts on “Resin lego necklace – make lookalike lego bricks with resin

  1. This does remind me of strips of pills – Damien Hirst maybe? – but it’s an interesting way of making and using a cast. How fast setting is that resin though, wow! Thanks!

  2. This is super cute, but LEGO was not my first impression. It looks like pills. I think it’s the color and the thinness of the grey part. The grey background with the white tablet-looking bits look like painkillers. 🙂 If they were one uniform color per piece, that might work better. 🙂

    Great idea, though! I love it!

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