How To Make Resin Paper Bookmarks With Leftover Epoxy

How to make resin paper bookmarks

Hello Resin Lovers! I’m showing you how to make bookmarks with resin paper. Today we will also experiment with colorants as I give you a few options to hold the page of your books in the right spot. I still am a diehard book reader who loves the feel of paper, turning the pages as I read. If you have gone electronic, you may want to make a bookmark for your planner, journal book, or for an add-on to your scrapbook. Also, these make great gifts for teachers.

resin bookmarks DIY

When making resin paper bookmarks, you want to be sure to use a doming resin.  Doming resins mix thick and adhere to papers beautifully.

Resin paper bookmarks supply list:

• Doming resin:  The Resin Obsession crystal doming resin works perfect for this
Resin Obsession Transparent Color Pigments: Teal, Yellow, Purple
• Ranger- Distress Inks, Archival Inks
• Stamps by IndigoBlu- Shine Bright Set.
• Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap- Mélange, Ephemera, Clipping Stickers, Metallic Quotation stickers.
• Deli Wrap, Parchment Paper.
• Americana Decoupage Glue
• Cropodile by WeR to punch holes.
• Book Paper, paper napkins
Gloves, stir stick, measure cups, timer.
• Random Washi tape, charms, beads, ribbon & colored cord.

Version 1

resin bookmark DIY

Step 1:  Apply colors

First, dry brush acrylic paints onto lightweight paper. Then, cut the piece in the shape of a tag. Next, do random background stamping with Distress Ink. I was unsure if this ink would stay fixed when applying the resin because of the painted background. Acrylic paint is plastic-based. Usually, water-based ink does not adhere well if you add other layers, especially wet ones. However, I was very pleasantly surprised at my results.

bookmarks made with resinStep 2:  Apply washi tape and glue

Once those layers are dry, adhere washi tape and decoupage glue on top. I usually do this with washi as it doesn’t always stick well. Some washi tapes also have a coating that repels the resin, which can cause beading on the paper bookmarks. This can be a fun technique too, but not what I wanted on my tag. I was excited to discover the glue did seal the tape, letting the resin go on smoothly.

inks pads and ink

Step 3:  Add stamped images

I stamped ‘Shine Bright’ with Black Soot Distress Ink on a scrap piece of scrapbook paper. Then the edges were distressed with the color Peacock Feathers, and a bit of Twisted Citrus was rubbed in the middle. Next, I stamped a light bulb on deli paper with Black Soot. Then, I cut it out, leaving a bit of an edge but ready to add to the tag.

mixing resin

Step 4:  Mix resin

The crystal doming resin mixes equal parts of A and B. Stir both parts together for three minutes. It should be free of streaks before you use it.

If you need more help on this step, this explains how to mix epoxy resin.

brushing resin onto paper

Step 5:  Sponge on resin

Place the tag on a non-stick surface that can stay undisturbed for at least twenty-four hours. Pour a quarter-size dollop of resin on the backside of your paper bookmarks and spread using a foam brush or piece of an unused kitchen sponge. I find using the sponge creates a nice thin layer that is great for making resin paper. Once the backside is covered, peel it up and flip it over. Do a coat on the front side the same way. The idea is to get a nice thin layer that completely covers the paper. Don’t worry if you have resin spilling over the edges a bit.

Always wear safety gloves to protect your hands!

how to make resin bookmarks

Step 6: {OPTIONAL} Add embellishments

If you have charms or other three-dimensional items, you can add them here. Put a thin coat of resin on the back side of the ephemera before you push it onto the background piece. It will adhere very quickly this way.

resin bookmark how to

Step 7:  Add a resin topcoat

Once all your embellishments are placed, ensure an even coat of resin across the paper bookmarks. Cover it with a protective lid or container to keep dust from settling on top. Let this sit on a flat surface for 24 hours to set. Once the resin is hard, simply lift your tag off the surface. It should come up easily. You can trim any excess resin from the edges with scissors. Finally, punch a hole and add cording and beads. Your resin paper bookmark is ready to go.

Version 2

colored resin for crafting

Variation idea:  add resin colors

After mixing my resin, I poured it into four separate cups and added one drop of transparent color to each of the three cups (teal, yellow, purple), leaving one cup with uncolored resin. Next, using the stir stick, spread the resin one color at a time randomly on your tissue background. Wipe the stick with a paper towel in between applying colors.

The colors are transparent, so the background images still show through. You can see that I colored the butterfly more carefully.

resin bookmark detail

Now add in the ephemera the same way as resin bookmark #1.

Swipe some resin on the back of the paper bookmarks first and add them to your background. Then, carefully add more resin on top. Try not to disturb the color too much. As you see on the top butterfly, the teal blended onto it and looks really interesting. At this point, you can also drop some sequin stars or shapes and use a toothpick to push them into the resin.

Set this bookmark aside to cure as above. When the resin is set, attach a folded piece of fabric with the Tiny Attacher or stapler at the top.


resin and ink bookmark

I really like how this one turned out. I started with a tissue wrap cut 3.5″ x6.5″. Next, I collected fun ephemera and quote stickers figuring out where they would go before I poured my resin. Once I was pleased with the layout, I adhered to the sticker quotes on the tissue wrap. I will add the other pieces during the resin phase.

However, you will find these resin paper bookmarks so easy and fun to make. Thanks for joining me today.

Wondering what else you can do with resin?

It’s easy once you know the rules. I share my fifteen years of resin experience in an easy-to-follow book that details what you need to know to craft something unique with resin. Buy the ebook, Resin Fundamentals, now, and you can read it in minutes!


Originally written by Karen Bearse

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2022 Resin Obsession, LLC

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5 thoughts on “How To Make Resin Paper Bookmarks With Leftover Epoxy

  1. So, I’m confused. Do you paint the backside of the scrapbook paper and then immediately flip face down onto the deli or parchment paper? Then immediately coat the top side (working in the various stages)? You can peel the dried bookmark easily off of the deli or parchment paper? The rectangular etc., shape is easy to peel, even though you place the wet backside down on the parchment or deli paper? Thank you for clearing this up for me!

    1. Resin won’t stick to wax paper, freezer paper, etc. You can place it on the surface, allow it to cure, then peel it away. (Same thing happens with tape.)

      1. Thank you. I do use resin, but I use a plastic tray or silicon mats to set it on. I didn’t know deli paper or parchment paper would work, too!

  2. I also made a few bookmarks. They turned out solid but very flexible. Is that normal or should they be more like a hard plastic.

    1. Some resins, even when fully cured, can be flexible if poured thin. What brand of resin did you use?

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