Resin paper bracelet tutorial

resin paper bracelet

How to make a resin paper bracelet

After enjoying the possibilities of using my favorite scrapbooking papers in resin jewelry, I wanted to find a way to include my other favorite — iridescent papers — into jewelry as well.

Hmm.  Think we can resin both of them together?


Before you get too far into this post, you may want to familiarize yourself with making resin papers.  To see how to make resin paper jewelry, check out my post a couple of weeks ago on how to resin scrapbooking papers into jewelry.


(This tutorial starts with me already having punched the scrapbooking papers with a 1 inch round punch.  I then used a 1/16 inch hole punch to place circles in the opposite ends of each paper.  These will be for the jump rings.)

Now…back to the blog post.

punch iridescent paper

You can use the same 1 inch hole punch to create a template for the iridescent paper.  The punch won’t go all the way through (the paper stretches more like you were punching plastic wrap), but it does give you a nice round 1 inch circle template to trim with scissors.

iridescent paper epoxy resin

Dip the iridescent paper circles in epoxy resin.  Use your toothpick and side of the cup to allow excess resin to drip off.

iridescent paper resin bracelet

Spread the iridescent paper over the back of the punched paper.  You will want to do this on wax paper because the resin will adhere your paper to other types of surfaces.

brushing resin onto paper

Once the backside has cured, flip the papers over and brush resin on the other side.  Allow to cure.

paper punch resin bracelet

Use your hole punch to go back through holes you have already created.

trim resin with scissors

Trim off any excess resin with a pair of heavy duty scissors.

jump ring resin bracelet

For this bracelet, I assembled the resin papers together with 18 gauge, 3.5 mm interior diameter, jump rings.  I finished the end with a lobster claw clasp.

resin paper bracelet tutorial


Enjoy your new bracelet!


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Thanks for the great tutorial, Katherine!! You always do such a good job of explaining things! I usually make resin photo jewelry, but you have inspired me to try my hand at resin paper. The first pieces of scrapbook paper I’ve ever used resin on are now curing. I’m going to make them into earrings. I can’t wait to see what they turn out like and to make a bracelet, too!! Keep up the wonderful work!!


Great tutorial! Will these same techniques work using fabric instead of paper? Thanks!

Katherine Swift


Yes, I would expect fabric to work, but be prepared that it is going to ‘water stain’. If you don’t want it to get darker when it gets wet, you will need to seal it with a clear drying glue first.


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