Resin pendants with glass beads

Resin pendant with glass beads tutorial

Silver pendants filled with resin beads

AKA:  What’s going on in my resin studio this week.

A few of you have asked what I like to do for myself when I’m working with resin.  It depends on the week quite frankly.  Sometimes I’m doing experiments, sometimes I’m making jewelry for me.  This week, I was more drawn to spending some torch time, then making the resin work within whatever I made.

placing open back bezels on sticky masking tape

I fired up the torch and soldered sterling silver bails onto cut sections of tubing.  (In case you’re wondering, no, I won’t be selling these.  They were made just for me to play around.)

Once they were finished, I pressed them onto the sticky side of masking tape.  This comes in pretty handy as cured resin won’t stick to masking tape.

pouring Easy Cast resin into an open backed bezel

I wanted to have a domed finish to my pendants, so I mixed a bit of Castin’ Craft Easy Cast resin, then added enough to fill the bottom third of the pendants.

adding green glass beads to resin

After pouring in a bit of resin, add in something ‘heavy’ into the pendants.  In this case, I used micro glass beads, but you could also use the Stampendous glass glitters.  Continue to add a little bit of resin and a little bit of beads until you get the effect you want.

domed resin on silver pendants

In this case, I wanted the surface to dome up.  The doming resin helped to give a nice rounded appearance to the pendants.  I also tried two different variations.  In the closest pendant, I used a toothpick to draw the resin and beads out over the edge of the silver.

Once they have cured, you can peel them off the tape.

flat backed resin pendant

The side against the tape will be flat.  You can’t really tell here, but there is a ‘frosted’ appearance to the back.  I think the beads in the resin help to disguise that effect.  If it really bothers you, you can sand it or recoat with a thin layer of resin.

pendants with spilled beads and resin

And just to let you know, experience doesn’t always mean that you won’t have mistakes.  With the pendant at left, I didn’t have the top part stuck to the tape tight enough and some resin leaked underneath the bottom.

peeling spilled resin off a silver bezel

While the resin is still in the soft cure stage, you can use a pair of pliers to peel the resin away from the metal.  Note:  this technique works best in the soft cure stage.  Once the resin is super hard, you may not have success.

removed resin from pendant

Resin is all gone.  No sanding!

sterling silver and resin bead pendants

I think I prefer the one on the left better.  I like being able to see the rim of silver around the edge.

Which do you like better?


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I think I like the one on the left also. Haven’t started doing any soldering yet, but really like checking out what you and others do.


Very pretty and simple. Did you make the silver pendant itself, if so, how did you do it so I can learn to do it too. Thanks

VL Cook

You can buy pendant black in a variety of sizes with or without glass domes on line. Sets of 12 or 20 are not very expensive.


I actually love them both- they are quite different and the really domed one reminds me of a flower center. I’d LOVE if you offered these gorgeous bale/pendant blanks for sale as well. Soldering is not something I get to add to my toolbox 😉


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