Resin ring tutorial – make a blue sparkle resin ring

resin ring tutorialMake your own cocktail bling ring in an afternoon.


resin jewelry making supplies

Resin Supplies needed:

alumidust powder silicone mold

Step 1

Use the paintbrush to place a light dusting of the Pearl Ex powder into your silicone mold.  *The powder is very finely ground.  Be careful not to inhale the powder.*

alumidust powder

Be sure to lightly dust the powder into all parts of the mold.  A little of this powder goes a long way.

mixing resin

Step 2

Measure your resin and mix thoroughly.

adding ink to resin

Step 3

Here’s where you get to make your resin ring tutorial unique to you.  Pick alcohol resin color, then add a drop or two to the resin.  Mix well.

pouring resin

Step 4

While holding the stir stix over the mold, pour resin onto the stick.  Allow the resin to run from the stick into the mold.  By doing this you will spread out where the resin makes first contact with the mold and hopefully will leave your blue dust undisturbed.

resin in mold

After pouring some resin into the mold, pick it up and twist it like you are demolding it.  This will allow trapped air bubbles to come to the surface.

resin casting silicone mold

Get your resin mold full — even a little overfull.  Your resin will shrink a tiny bit once it cools.


Cover and allow to cure.

removing resin from silicone mold

Step 5

Once cured (approximately 24 hours), gently peel away your resin flower casting from the silicone mold.


sanding resin

Sand off any excess resin from the edge of your flower.  (Some of the resin may be thin enough that you can peel it away with your fingers.)

glue ring flower

Step 6

Apply a dot of E-6000 glue to the underside of your resin and flower and the top of your ring.  Allow it to sit for two minutes before pressing the two parts together.  Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

resin flower ring

Dazzle your friends with your creativity.

resin flower

What do you love best about this resin ring tutorial?

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8 thoughts on “Resin ring tutorial – make a blue sparkle resin ring

  1. @Alice, I don’t know. The Alumilite powders are meant to dust on the surface of silicone molds, but I don’t know about Pearl Ex.

  2. Add the powder to the resin after it has been mixed with hardener or sprinkle flakes onto the resin after you have poured it.

  3. Making 2nd attempt pouring a 4” vertical x 2” square mold with a miniature music stand and violin inside. I know my ambient temp has to come up much higher to around 75 degrees including mold and music stand. Using plexiglass for all sides of mold. First attempt was in another plastic mold and it took hours to react, ended up expanding and melted my mold. Can I pour an inch and remove bubbles then repeat until the mold is full?

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