Resin Serving Tray DIY – How to make a tray with resin

How to make a tray with resin


I’ve decided to up my party game by showing off my resin skills with a DIY serving tray to use at my next event.  (To serve my store-bought cupcakes LOL!)

What I love about this resin crafting project is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to bring colors together.  If you want to try this, but are worried the shades might turn out funky, simply choose three, or maybe four resin colors, that look harmonious and include them into the mold.

Ready to DIY your own resin serving tray?

Resin supply list:

Resin Obsession artwork resin
Three-tier tray silicone mold with hardware
Resin colors
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
Safety gloves

A quick note before we get started.  If you’ve spent any time with me, you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘For the love of God woman.  You’ve been preaching to us that we need to use a casting resin for molds and now you’re telling us to use a doming resin?  What is wrong with you?!’  You’re right.  I have said that.  The reason I’m using a resin for art is because we’re pouring in thin layers and I want a resin that has a short pot time.  The Resin Obsession artwork resin can do both.

If none of this makes sense to you, you will want to read my article explaining the differences between resin formulas.

Step 1:  Protect your crafting surface

Because resin is a great adhesive, you’ll want to be sure to cover your table before starting your serving tray DIY project.  Otherwise, you might find yourself with a lot of cured resin bumps and sticky resin blobs after you’re done.  A silicone baking sheet or piece of wax paper works great for these as they are surfaces resin won’t stick to.

Step 2:  Mix and color resin for layer one

For this DIY project, I’m mixing only enough resin to cover the bottom of each of the three serving tray layers.  We want to be sure to leave room for an additional resin layer.

adding white pigment to resin

Once it’s mixed, I’m coloring it with Resin Obsession opaque white pigment.

Step 3:  Add to the mold

adding white resin to mold

Because I didn’t want the DIY tray to be see-through at any part, I made sure the white resin covered the entire bottom of each serving tray layer.  Know you don’t have to do it this way.  You can always leave some clear for this layer too.

This first layer of resin needs to sit until it’s at least at its gel time.  That ensures when we pour the resin for the next layer of our DIY serving tray, the new colors don’t blend with the old colors.  This takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Of course, you can let it completely cure before adding the next layer, which is what I did.

Step 4:  Mix and color resin for layer two

This is the step I most looked forward to.  It’s now time to color the resin!

I mixed enough resin to cover the tray, but this time poured off an ounce and a half into three different cups to color.

adding colors to resin

Then, I added Pearl Ex magenta, Pearl Ex solar gold, and Resin Obsession opaque magenta.

mixed resin colors

I love how these three colors are complementary to each other.  The Pearl Ex colors have a subtle shimmer that pair nicely with the solid opaque resin color.

Step 5:  Add resin to the mold

adding magenta resin to a tray mold

I added clear resin to half of the mold, over the already cured white resin.  Then, I added a ribbon of magenta resin next to the clear.

magenta resin color

Move quickly to keep the color in a thin ribbon.  Don’t worry if it isn’t exactly where you thought it wasn’t going to go.  They never do.  😉

ribbons of resin colors

Add more resin colors next to the ones already in your DIY serving tray.

colors in a resin tray

To get your colors to move, you can pick up your resin tray and roll the colors back and forth.  My favorite thing, though is to use a heat gun.  Not only does it push the colors around, but it helps to pop bubbles in resin.

Don’t forget to cover your resin with a plastic dome or something similar before you set it aside to cure.  Dust and hair can settle on your resin while it’s wet and leave blemishes.

The resin will need at least 24 hours to dry fully.

Step 6:  Demold

demolding resin tray pieces

Once the resin is fully hardened, remove it from the mold.  It’s as simple as peeling the mold away from the cured resin surface.

Step 7:  Assemble

assembling tray with hardware

I love how this mold comes with the hardware to turn the trays into tiers.  It perfectly fits the holes that cast into the tray.  That means you don’t need to drill the resin!

Step 8:  Use your new tray!

tiered resin stand

I love how the tray turned out.  Each resin serving tray tier looks similar but still DIY and artistic.

cupcakes on tray


I just love how these cupcakes look on my new tray!  Now I just need COVID to go away so I can have that party!  (My kids enjoyed the cupcakes for me.)

Excited to try resin but hesitant to get started?

I get it.  It’s why I wrote the ebook, Resin Fundamentals.  I’ve condensed my fifteen years of resin experience into the essential details you need to know about creating with resin.  Buy the book for less than the cost of a resin kit!

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