Rhinestone resin pendant DIY – accent a resin pendant with rhinestones

How to make a rhinestone resin pendantWho says resin jewelry can’t have some bling?  You’re going to see how to make something fancy in a few easy steps with this rhinestone resin pendant DIY.



Step 1:  Cut paper to match your bezel blank

paper for resin jewelry

For the center of my pendant, I chose a piece of scrapbooking paper.  You can also print out your own designs or photographs to use as well.  Be sure to properly seal your papers for use in resin.  Since I am working with a 1-inch bezel, I used a one-inch paper punch to get my one inch square of paper.

paper for resin jewelry bezel

Once you punch your paper, put it into your bezel to make sure you have a proper fit.

Step 2:  Seal the paper

glue in bezel

Brush a layer of glue into your pendant bezel.

resin jewelry

Press your paper into the bezel.  Use your finger (or other something similar — like an eraser) to push your paper into the glue in the bezel.  Be sure to go around the edges and get a flat seal.

Allow the pendant to dry about 1 to 2 hours.

Step 3:  Add rhinestone chain

measuring chain

For this pendant, I decided to place the rhinestones around the edge of the bezel.  Measure the amount of chain needed before placing the glue.  This will keep you from making a mess on the rhinestones.  (The nice thing about this rhinestone chain is that the rhinestones are moveable.  You can slide them along their metal stringing without them coming off.  This allows you to spread them out or keep them pushed up together.)

cutting chain

Cut the chain with a pair of sidecutters.  (With this rhinestone chain, there are ‘stops’ with each crystal so you don’t have to worry about the crystals coming off.)  For this project, I measured and cut the 4 pieces I needed before I started gluing.

Step 4:  Apply a second layer of glue

glue papers

Apply a second layer of glue to your paper, making sure to get a bit more glue around the inside bezel edge.  (You want to make sure you get a good seal!)

glue rhinestone

Place your rhinestone chain around the edge of the bezel.  Push it up next to the bezel and make sure you like the placement before allowing to dry.  **Hint:  if you’re working with a round bezel, the chain is flexible enough that it will go around curves.  You won’t need to cut it.

Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before pouring your resin.

Step 5:  Add resin

placing resin in pendant

Believe or not, adding the resin is going to be the hardest part.  First, resist the temptation to pour your resin into the bezel.  You need to be very careful to make sure you don’t get any resin onto the rhinestones, otherwise, they will lose their sparkle!  Dot the resin a few drops at a time into your pendant with a toothpick.  Then, use the toothpick to draw it in between your rhinestones.  I would caution you to use less resin rather than more.

Once you have poured in the resin, remove any bubbles and allow to cure.

If you have never mixed resin before, here’s how to measure and mix resin in five easy steps.


rhinestone resin pendant tutorial

The finished pendant!  I hung my rhinestone resin pendant DIY on a leather cord necklace, but I’m sure it would also look nice on a silver chain or ribbon.

Ready to make your own resin jewelry but unsure where to start?  It’s not your fault!  There is so much information out there, how can you possibly sort through it all?  It’s why I wrote the book, Resin Jewelry Making.  It shares an easy to follow path for aspiring resin jewelry makers to create something beautiful that everyone will want to wear!

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  1. Just wondering what the rhinestone actually looks like after the resin goes over it. Is it white? I want to try but don’t want to waste anything..

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