Resin Necklace tutorial – How to make a shimmer star resin pendant

Shimmer star resin necklace tutorialHow to make a shimmer star resin necklace

This tutorial was supplied by Deanna Burasco.  Originally published April 2012.  Updated May 2019.

A simple resin necklace tutorial using Resin Obsession Super Clear resin.  This shimmering star necklace would make the perfect gift or project for yourself!

epoxy resin and plastic mold

Step 1

Mix 1 ounce total of Resin Obsession super clear resin.

Step 2

After mixing the resin as directed, add some glitter. You can mix in a little for a clearer looking star, or a lot for a more glittery star. There is no right or wrong amount.  Pour the resin into the star cavity of a plastic resin mold.

Step 3

sanding resin with a nail file

When the piece has cured, pop it out of the mold and sand the edges smooth.  You can use a dremel tool, although I prefer to use a sanding file. It creates a lot less dust and noise.

Step 4

drilling a resin charm

Once the edges are smoothed, drill the hole for the jump ring. I drill one hole with a 1/16″ bit, then a slightly bigger hole with a 3/16″ bit.

Step 5

applying glitter resin to a resin charm

Next, using a two-part, five minute cure epoxy resin adhesive (I use a type that comes in a double syringe and automatically supplies equal parts of resin and hardener), place a small pool onto some wax paper, add some gold holographic glitter, and mix up with a toothpick. This resin sets up super fast, so you have to work quickly. Use the toothpick to pick up some resin from the pool and place a line around the edge of the star as shown. You can also use the Super Clear resin for this step, although you have to wait for it to thicken up enough so it will create a line that won’t run.

Step 6

resin star charm necklace

After the border line has hardened, glue on a shimmery star cabochon using the same two-part epoxy resin adhesive.

resin star pendant

The final step in this resin necklace tutorial is to insert a jump ring through the top of the star, then add another jump ring through which a chain can be fed. As you can see, the finished necklace is a stunning, shimmering statement piece!



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could you do the steps backwards and paint the glitter in the mold then when dry add the clear resin over it or would it ruin the glitter by adding it afterwards?


I love this tutorial!
The star necklace looks fabulous.
I will give it a try one of the next days.

Katherine Swift


You could add the glitter star in first, but it wouldn’t have a raised appearance on the final project. Either way, it would look nice. 🙂


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