Spring Mason Jar Centerpiece – Mason jar crafts with resin

Spring mason jar centerpiece

by Angie Holden


Want a unique idea for your table this Easter?  Try dripping colored resin onto jars for a cute spring mason jar centerpiece.  I have three different methods for dripping that will get you three different results.  Pick your favorite and make as many mason jar crafts as you would like!


Supplies needed to make this Spring Mason Jar Centerpiece:

mason jar and resin centerpiece spplies



I started by adding my mason jar to a plastic cup as shown below.  This lifts it up off of the surface allowing any excess resin to drip off.  I used paper plates under these to protect my table.  NOTE:  You want these to be cups you are okay throwing out as they may get ruined.

invert mason jars on top of cups


Measure and mix your resin according to the package directions.  Split it between as many cups as you have colors.  Add a bit of colorant to each batch and mix well.  This project does not take much resin.  In fact, if you have another project you are doing, like a paint pour, this is perfect for small amounts of leftover resin.

mixing resin with pigments



The first method for dripping your resin is to add small drops to that top rim and allow them to drip down. You can blend a few colors slightly as you work your way around the jar.  This is best done with a wood skewer or your stir stick.

drip resin on jars


The second method is to drip slightly more resin around the edges and blend it more with additional colors.  Do this by dripping a second or even a third color right on top of your first drip.  I found a popsicle stick great for this method as I wanted larger droplets.

big drips of resin on jar


You can see these two different methods once completely dripped below.

two different resin dripping methods


I felt that not everyone would have the patience to drip individual colors so I decided to try a third method for those with no patience.  Get an extra measuring cup and pour resin of various colors into the center.  This creates a rainbow effect in your cup.

rainbow of resin in cup


Then, hold this cup to the edge of your jar and slowly pour while turning the jar.  You will get quite a bit more product on the jar with this method however it will blend way more.  Your colors are definitely harder to distinguish with this method.

dripping colored resin on mason jar method 3


Whichever method you choose, allow your jars to cure completely upside down.  You can wipe away any excess resin while wet or break it away from the rim of the jar once dry. How did the three jars turn out once cured?

finished resin mason jar project

From left to right, you have the three methods.  In the picture above, the left is small drips, the center is medium drips, and the right is a pour from the mixed colored cup.

finished dripped resin on mason jar with flowers in jar

I am partial to the first or second version but I wanted to include all three in case you really love that third.

finished resin mason jar project with flowers in jars

Add in some water and flowers and you have a perfect spring Mason jar centerpiece that you made yourself.  Your Easter table will never look better!

finished resin mason jar project with flowers in jars

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