Switch plate outlet cover ideas – DIY switchplate covers

I have wanted to use the light switch and outlet cover plastic resin molds for some time. Imagine being able to create your own custom plates anytime you want! The possibilities are endless and you can have a custom made plate in every room of your home. As such, I tried a few different switch plate outlet cover ideas, but ultimately fell in love with the idea of creating some galaxy themed plates. These are great for a space themed room or the child who loves star gazing.

DIY switch plate outlet covers

resin crafting supplies

Step 1

Start by mixing small batches of transparent resin. Be sure to add the pigment to part A and stir well before adding part B. Mix one cup of teal, blue, and purple. The amount you need on these depends on how much color you would like on your first layer of the plates. I mixed about a ½ ounce of each which was enough to do both a switch and outlet plate cover.

transparent resin colors

Step 2

Then mix a batch of clear resin. I used about 1 ½ ounces total for both of these switch plates. Pour your clear resin in first then sprinkle on as much silver glitter as you would like. These are supposed to be like the stars in the galaxy so you can have a little or a lot.

casting resin and glitter into plastic molds

Step 3

Next, drip in as much of the colored resins as you would like in various locations. Be sure to add in all three colors. TIP: Do not pour so much resin that the switch or outlet holes are covered. Above all else, if your screw hole gets covered a little that is okay as you can drill that out later.

colored resin in plastic molds

Use a clean stir stick to swirl the resin so that it is marbled. Next, allow the resin to dry. I left mine overnight.

colored resin in plastic molds

Step 4

In addition, you need to mix up a small amount of black resin. This needs to be the opaque version as you do not want to be able to see through this layer. I used about an ounce to put a thin layer on both plates.

resin for molds

Put a very thin layer of this resin over the entire surface then allow to dry completely. While you do not want to cover up the outlet/switch holes, the screw holes will be okay if covered by a thin layer.

resin curing in plastic molds

Step 5

Pop the finished product out of your mold. Drill the screw holes if needed. Sand away any excess that may be on the edges. NOTE: You may want to do a test fit to ensure that your screw holes do not need to be enlarged slightly.

outlet cover switch plate DIY

Your galaxy light switch and outlet covers are ready to hang on your wall.

switch plate cover made with resin

You might also want to cover the screw that goes in the center with a dab of black paint or change out the outlet itself with a black version.

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outlet plate cover DIY project

Your kids will love these fun outlet and switch plate covers and you will love making them. Bring a bit of the galaxy into your home today.

What switch plate outlet cover ideas do you have?

How to make your own switch plate and outlet covers

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5 thoughts on “Switch plate outlet cover ideas – DIY switchplate covers

  1. This is very, very clever! I didn’t even realize there were molds for the electrical and switch plates, the different options just boggle the mind.

    In addition to the silver glitter, I’d add some holographic glitter and a pinch of gold glitter in spots to add additional colored sparkles.

    I’d love to do an underwater set also, with “sand” at the bottom, some seaweed growing from the sand and fish/sharks/etc and blue/green glitter and an opaque deep blue for the background.

    How about using some really pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper that matches a room’s decor? There is some really elegant patterned gift wrapping paper available, some are foil embossed with different foil colors.

    And then how about making solid colored opaque plates to match a room’s decor? The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing a color, you could even add glow in the dark powder so that they end up being night lights too!

    What do you think?

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