Tetris Coaster DIY

How to make a Tetris inspired resin coasterHow to make a Tetris inspired coaster

By Myléne HillamMill Lane Studio

You’ll need:
Eli-Chem Total Cast Artwork Resin
Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments: Opaque Black, Orange, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Blue, Red
Silcone Trivet with square cavities
Square silicone coaster mold
BBQ gas lighter
Measuring cups
Stir sticks
Utility knife with cutting mat and scissors
Clear packing tape
Kleenex or other disposable tissue
Toothpick or needle tool

A couple of notes before beginning:
You will need to work quickly with Total Cast if you mix all the colors for the Tetris blocks at once. If you prefer, you can mix several smaller batches of resin so that they don’t set up on you before you pour them into the trivet.

The coaster mold used in this project has a 3 ounce capacity but yours may hold more or less resin, so adjust the quantities of resin to suit. A search online will bring up many options for you to choose from. If using a plastic mold, then apply a good mold release before pouring in the resin.


Measure 2 ounces Resin and 2 ounces Hardener.  Mix the two parts together thoroughly, scraping the sides and bottom of the cup during mixing to make sure that all the resin is mixed.

Measure ResinMix Resin


Divide the resin equally into 6 small cups. Squeeze a few drops of pigment into each cup and mix the color thoroughly into the resin.

Pigment Resin


Pour each color in a block shape on the trivet.

Pour Resin


Air pockets tend to form in the corners of each cavity so if you have time before the resin begins to gel, use a toothpick to poke the resin into the corners. This will give you square corners on each pixel.


Poke Corners with Toothpick


Pass the flame of a gas lighter over the surface of the resin to pop any bubbles as they rise to the surface. Set the resin aside to cure overnight.

Always use caution when using a flame to avoid injury or mishaps.


Pop Bubbles with Gas Flame


Once cured, pop the pixel blocks out of the mold by peeling the trivet away from the resin.


Demold Resin


Cut the blocks into Tetris shapes. You will need to use a utility knife to get into the awkward corners where the scissors can’t maneuver.


Cut Resin Pixels


Mix a 1 ounce batch of resin and color it with the black pigment. Pour it into the bottom of the coaster mold. Pop any bubbles by passing the flame across the surface, then set the mold aside until the surface has a firm “skin”. This will take several hours.

Work out how many pixels can fit along the bottom of your mold and then arrange the block shapes so that the pieces interlock for about 4 to 6 rows.


Pour Resin Gameboard


Place the blocks back into the trivet, face down, in the pattern you’ve just formed.  Place a piece of tape across the back to secure them all into position. Remove from the mold and trim the excess tape away.

Tape Resin Pixels


Once, the black resin has formed a firm skin, align the long edge of the taped pixels at the bottom of the mold and carefully place it onto the resin, tape-side down, making sure that there is an even border all around it.

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Position Pixels


Place another couple of Tetris blocks in the blank space above the main blocks as if they are moving down the screen. Set the mold aside for the black resin to cure.

Place Resin Pixel


Mix about 1-1/2oz of resin and pour it over the blocks.

Fill Mold with Clear Resin


Use a tooth pick or needle tool to work it down into the space between each block. Tease out any air pockets that have formed in between the pixels. Pop any bubbles. Leave until it forms a firm skin.

Pop Bubbles


Demold the coaster.

Demold Resin Coaster


Mix a 1/2oz of resin and create a domed layer to finish the coaster.

Dome the Coaster

The finished product is retro and fun!  What do you think of this tetris coaster DIY?

Tetris Coaster

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Rhonda J Hunter

Thanks loads! I love Tetris, and have an old pc just for older games. I’ll have to make these for my brother, too. Christmas coming up!


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