Light-Up Thanksgiving Centerpiece

 How to make a light up thanksgiving centerpiece display

How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece

by Angie Holden

Light up your holiday table with this DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. It is sure to turn heads and have everyone amazed at your creativity. It is also perfect for those fall dinner parties as well. Set the mood with the glow from this gorgeous fall pumpkin.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece finished

Resin supplies needed to make your own light-up Thanksgiving centerpiece:

Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Square paperweight mold
Measuring cups
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
• Faux Leaves
• Faux Pumpkin
• Wood Slice
• Battery-powered moonlights
• Knife, drill, saw, Dremel, or other cutting tools
• Paper
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Rope
• Hot glue and a glue gun

light up thanksgiving centerpiece supplies

Step 1:  Mix resin

Start by pouring two windows for your pumpkin using the square mold. I mixed about ½ an ounce of resin for each one. Measure and mix according to the package directions.  Be sure you mix your resin well before pouring into the mold, otherwise, it may cure sticky.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece mold for leaf detail


Step 2:  Add a leaf

Remove any bubbles from the pour and allow it to sit for about 45 minutes or until a gelatin-like consistency. Then, add in a faux leaf. Push the leaf down into the resin slightly with your stir stick.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece making resin leaf detail

Step 3:  Prepare the pumpkin

Allow the entire resin pour to cure. Once hardened, remove from the mold and repeat for a second window. In the meantime, you can begin the second part of the project by using a serrated knife or small saw to remove the bottom from your pumpkin. These pumpkins are made from a foam-like material.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece - cut pumpkin

Step 4:  Create a template

Once both windows have cured, trace around them on a piece of paper. Then, cut that template from the paper using scissors.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece trace resin leaf detail windowStep 5:  Trace template onto pumpkin

Lay the template onto the pumpkin in the correct location and trace around it with a pencil.

Note: You can always make a hole larger but you can’t make it smaller. I cut on the inside of my line when cutting my template and on the inside when cutting the pumpkin.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece - trace window onto pumpkin

Step 6:  Cut hole

I think many methods and tools will get you the hole you need. I used a drill in the corners, then a coping saw to get the hole. I used a Dremel to fine tune the hole until the window fit perfectly. Cut carefully so that you don’t make the hole too large.

Note:  As shown below, expect areas thicker than others in your pumpkin.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece opening

STEP 7:  Fit resin square to pumpkin

Alternatively, you can press the resin casting firmly into the pumpkin to get it started into the foam. It is then easy to see what you have left to remove. One word of caution – the foam and fibers get everywhere. Do your cutting outside if possible.

Repeat all of your cutting on the opposite side until both windows fit into the pumpkin.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece closeup of leaf detail

Step 8:  Glue resin to opening

Use hot glue to secure the window into place. I felt like the edges needed a little finishing so I added some rope around the edge with hot glue.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece closeup of resin leaf detail

Step 9:  Add extra natural elements

I also added rope around my stem and a few additional faux leaves to the top to complete the look.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece finished

Step 10:  Add a light

Add battery-operated moonlights to the inside of the pumpkin via the hole in the bottom. Set the entire thing on a wood slice, then sit back and enjoy your creation!

light up thanksgiving centerpiece

This light-up Thanksgiving centerpiece is perfect for your home and entertaining your guests. I love how this one turned out and can’t wait to use it year after year.

light up thanksgiving centerpiece finished

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