Unique Gifts for Artists: Buying Gifts for a Crafty Person

Hey, creatives! Have you ever tried to buy or make a unique gift for an artist but felt creatively inadequate? Perhaps you’re both artists, but they’re more traditional where you’re abstract. It’s understandable that giving gifts for a crafty person is tough when their life revolves around design and aesthetics.

Not to worry. Resin crafts are simple and gorgeous, and you don’t need to be super experienced to make your friends and family a unique gift.

Artists are easier to buy for than you think! If you’re shopping for an artist, you can also give the gift of materials and supplies. They’ll appreciate supplies that allow them to flex their talents.

Here are our top resin gifts for artsy sorts—as well as crafts you can make yourself.

Beautiful Resin Gift Ideas for Anyone

  • Resin Pendant Jewelry Resin is an increasingly popular material in jewelry making. You see stunning creations all over the internet, from dried flower pendants, to sealed paper, resin petri earrings, and glittery rings that look like opals. With a little practice and experimentation, you can make a unique and artistic gift your sister or best friend will appreciate.

  • Seashell Magnets It’s incredibly easy to make a seashell gift for a crafty person who loves the beach. Simply take home some intact seashells, clean and try them, and fill them with resin using these straightforward instructions. With these cute magnets, you can preserve your precious beach memories or decorate your seaside getaway.

  • Epoxy Resin Artwork If you’re especially artistically inclined, you might want to delve into the exciting and experimental world of resin artwork. Mixing resin, colorants, and chemical hardeners is so fun and will give you dazzling, one-of-a-kind results.

  • Resin Sealed Photography Hardening and sealing a photograph with epoxy resin is one of the most creative ways to preserve and display your favorite memories. This process is simple and fun, and the glossy shine that seals your photo looks great as a decoration.

Supplies & Materials: Gifts for the Resin Enthusiast

  • Unique Molds One of the most fun parts of making resin is getting to try out a new mold. Resin molds have to be specifically made, as resin and epoxy will adhere to the wrong type of material. Getting a new mold feels like opening a Christmas gift for a crafty person!

  • Findings (Jewelry Making Materials)Findings are all the metal bits and pieces that are used in the jewelry making process. This includes items like clasps, crimps, chains, earring hooks, and much more. You need these essential items if you are going to make your resin charms into wearable jewelry.

  • All in One Kit If you’re looking for a unique gift, artists are always keen to try a new crafting medium. Introduce your artsy friend to the world of resin with a kit that contains all the materials they need to get started.

  • Resin Colorants More colorants mean more possibilities! You can go through a lot of colorants if you’re a resin artist, and most likely your favorite colors always seem to be running out. You can purchase liquid or powdered pigments for different application methods.

  • Resin Itself! If you’re buying for someone who’s already a resin addict, I promise you they cannot get enough resin. Big projects like a table require a lot of resin, and even small projects like jewelry can use up your supplies quickly if you’re using them regularly.You can’t go wrong with some epoxy resin, but feel free to branch out. For an extra special gift, get high-quality resin that crafters can use for specialty projects.

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