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How to make domino pendants with resin

flower and resin domino pendants After being somewhat disappointed with how the flowers turned out on the DIY resin iPhone case, I felt the need to try to redeem myself.  I wanted to recreate the same scenario as before but didn't have another phone case to apply the resin to.  I visited the dollar store and was happy to find... Read more »

Resin pendant ideas – Mixed media resin project

resin pendant ideas Easy resin pendant ideas Looking for a way to make your resin pendants look unique?  Try these mixed media methods to give your next resin pendants a unique flair! Resin supplies used: Alumilite Amazing casting resin Rubber texture mat for clay Pearl Ex powders in magenta, sapphire blue, bright yellow, emerald Mixing cups Stir stix... Read more »

How to Resin a Photo – Resin coat a photograph

How to Resin a Photo on Canvas - IG How to Resin a Photo - Great Alternative to Framing! by Penny Reid I have no idea how it took me so long to bring together my two passions, photography, and resin! Maybe I simply needed just the right photo. This one was taken during the Annual Air Show in Toronto (where I live) and... Read more »

How to glitter and resin a tumbler – decorate a tumbler with resin

resin a tumbler How to glitter and resin a tumbler Whether it's my fascination with glitter or my obsession with resin, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to work with both.  What better way than to glitter and resin a stainless steel tumbler!  For this project, I purchased a couple of dollar store knockoff tumblers because... Read more »

Resin rings DIY – Cute resin ring project

Side view of two rings with gold mandala designs on deep purple resin background - text overlar reads: Indian Princess Inspired Resin Rings India-Inspired Resin Ring Tutorial by Penny Reid This resin rings DIY made with Indian-inspired tattoos are about as unique as they come. You’ll have people’s eyebrows furrowing as they try and figure out just how you made them! STEP 1 Prepare your rings. Take some blank rings with some depth (doesn’t have to be much)... Read more »

How to add flowers to a phone case

add flowers and resin to a phone case

Written April 2015.  Updated March 2020. One of the things I love about living in Florida is that every spring, the wildflowers go crazy in bloom.  They grow in fields and alongside the roads.  People are thoughtful enough to not mow them while they are so beautiful.  It makes a long drive much more enjoyable…. Read more »

5 Resin Cover Book Ideas

book cover DIY Five book cover ideas with resin by Cat Kerr When I first spotted these book cover molds my noggin started to race with ideas for a book cover DIY.  I can think of tons of objects to encapsulate into resin -- maybe leaves, sand, and shells, photos, keepsakes, fabric, metal bits.  I mean really...the sky... Read more »

Mason jar coasters DIY

How to make mason jar coasters How to make mason jar coasters with resin Mason jar coasters DIY by Angie Holden I love mason jars and have wanted a set of mason jar lid coasters for some time. The problem with a standard mason jar lid is that is comes in two pieces and the resin would be able to seep... Read more »