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Mistakes beginners make with resin

beginner resin mistakes

The five most common mistakes beginners make with resin Believe it or not, I was once a beginner with resin. So I’m sure you figured that out before now, but I tell you this, because when I started with resin, boy did I make some mistakes. I only wish my teacher at the time had… Read more »

Resin casting tricks

resin casting tricks Resin casting tricks One of the neat things about resin is that while many people create things with resin, almost everyone has a different way of doing things.  Over the course of time, many of us have found our own resin casting tricks to help us get the end results we want.  I recently asked a... Read more »

Advice for the resin beginner

resin beginner

Advice for the resin beginner Top 10 tips for the resin beginner, shared by Kate Ledum When I asked my resin friends, experts and resinistas for their advice for resin success, (which I shared last week in the post Seven experts share their advice for crafting with resin) resinista Kate Ledum didn’t stop with one tip.  Kate was kind enough… Read more »

Seven experts share their advice for crafting with resin

crafting with resin

Seven experts share their advice for crafting with resin I asked 6 of the best resin crafters I know, plus threw in a tip of my own, for their advice for crafting with resin.  While the question was directed as help for beginners, perhaps even experienced resin crafters can see some ‘room for improvement’ when… Read more »

10 ways to make sure your next resin casting is a disaster


Ten ways to make sure your next resin casting is a disaster   Resin casting is a lot of fun.  I love the versatility of embedding objects in the resin along with making it any color I want.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as it looks and can cause frustration for even the most… Read more »

How to get the most from your Resin Obsession purchase

shopping bag

How to make the most of your resin craft supplies purchase I love reading the notes from so many of you about how you are new to resin crafting and excited about what you can do with resin!  I’m writing this mostly to new resin crafters, but I would also ask that any of you… Read more »

Advice on what resin to use


Thoughts on choosing a resin and resin supplies Lots of you have asked me what resin products I use for my resin jewelry and crafts.  Part of the fun of learning resin is experimenting with different items and finding what works for your specific situation.  I do understand, though, that it can be confusing and… Read more »

Resin Jewelry Making – What every beginner needs to know


Are you a beginner resin jewelry maker?  Don’t mix resin until you read this first! That might seem a bit dramatic, so let me back up a bit. I get a lot of really good questions from aspiring resin jewelry makers and crafters worldwide.  Many of those questions involve how to make something.  More and… Read more »

FAQ about Resin Jewelry Making ebook

adding color to resin

So your response has been so positive and overwhelming!  Yes, I am as excited as you are about bringing to you my first book entitled Resin Jewelry Making.  I’ve gotten lots of questions about the book, so here are what y’all have asked me the most: Why did you write this book? Fame, fortune and… Read more »