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FAQ about Resin Jewelry Making ebook

adding color to resin

So your response has been so positive and overwhelming!  Yes, I am as excited as you are about bringing to you my first book entitled Resin Jewelry Making.  I’ve gotten lots of questions about the book, so here are what y’all have asked me the most: Why did you write this book? Fame, fortune and… Read more »

Resin Jewelry Making – the book

applying bail to resin cabochon

Come with me on the adventure of Resin Jewelry Making   Magical.  Versatile.  Imaginative.  Those are all words that can be used to describe what you can do with resin.  Mix with colors or additions to preserve a precious memory.  Add it to jewelry findings with some sparkle and flair to make your own piece… Read more »

The Jewelry Making books in the Resin Obsession studio


I’ve decided we all have something we hoard.  I just try to hoard stuff that’s worthwhile (at least to me anyway).  In looking at my bookcase this week, I decided I am a jewelry book hoarder.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying jewelry books.  Designing jewelry.  Making jewelry.  Fixing jewelry.  History of jewelry.  and on and… Read more »