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Bottle cap magnet DIY

bottle cap magnet tutorial In going through the blog over the last few weeks, I can't believe I have never shown you how to use the epoxy stickers in bottle caps.  This is a super easy project that can easily be done in an afternoon. So you might be wondering if I'm into resin and all, why would I... Read more »

How to remove bottle cap liners to make resin bottle cap jewelry

linerless bottle caps

Have a collection of bottle caps that you were wanting to use in your resin crafting endeavors but can’t get the liners out?  This video shows you an easy trick to remove bottle cap liners in order to  make linerless bottlecaps.

How to make a bottle cap resin coaster

Make your own Father’s Day bottle cap resin coaster tutorial It’s almost time for Father’s Day and wouldn’t it fun to make something special for Dad? (And by the way, these just aren’t for Father’s Day.  Coasters make great holiday and birthday gifts.  Let your creativity go wild!)       Supplies needed: Resin Obsession… Read more »