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Resin casting

choices Resin Casting UPDATED January 2017:  Our updated list of resin choices including details to help you select the right one for your project.   Click here --> Resin casting kit choices choices When it comes to resin casting, there are so many choices for a resin.  How do you know which resin is right for you?... Read more »

Resin casting in a two part mold

Resin casting in a two part mold Last week's post showed how I went about making a two part mold for a dinosaur plastic toy.  While the mold was made with the dinosaur on its side, the idea was to pour resin into the mold while the dinosaur is vertical.  You can see what I... Read more »

Two part resin mold making

Making a two part resin mold from a plastic toy model A couple of weeks ago, I showed what happens when you try to mold a plastic dinosaur toy like a traditional flat backed item.  Molding a model that has undercuts and no large flat surface can be a bit challenging.  In order for me... Read more »

What kind of resin should I use?

resin brands

What kind of resin should I use for making jewelry and other projects? This is one of the most common questions I get asked about making things with resin.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ resin, and there are MANY things to consider when choosing a resin.  I will walk you through how I… Read more »