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DIY decoupage gift box

decoupage box DIY decoupage gift box What happens when you need a cute gift box for a gift card...like.... now?  After I got done saying 'Eh, crud', I remembered I had my trusty friend Diamond Glaze at the studio. I applied one style of washi tape to the bottom of the cardboard gift box.  (You can get... Read more »

Decoupage bracelet tutorial

decoupage bracelet

How to use scrapbooking papers and diamond glaze to make a unique bracelet I have this intense fascination with scrapbooking papers.  I don’t scrapbook, but I love looking at the combinations of patterns and colors of the papers.  I have a small collection of them that I decided would have to make it into my… Read more »

Glitter keychain tutorial

glitter keychain DIY

How to make a bling key chain with glitter and Judikins Diamond Glaze I am a big believer in that the simplest answer (or solution) is usually the best.  When it was time this past week to make my favorite 5 year old princess something special to give to her when I see her in… Read more »

Craft tape resin pendant tutorial

silver bezel tray tutorial

DIY Craft tape jewelry pendants Sometimes I’m a little late to the party. I see pictures of washi tape tutorials on Pinterest, but didn’t think about it working for resin.  Now, I get it!  In my latest craft store outing, I found these 1 inch squares that I knew would be perfect for jewelry.  And… Read more »

Judikins Diamond Glaze versus epoxy resin — what’s the difference?


Judikins Diamond glaze or epoxy resin for pendants? I recently became acquainted with the Judikins Diamond glaze product for crafting.  It can produce a clear resin or glass like finish to pendants and certainly has a place in your crafting studio.  If you’re thinking about using Diamond Glaze, here are a few of my initial… Read more »