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Photo Christmas ornament

christmas resin ornament Make your own photo Christmas ornaments by Jasmine Moore Hello everyone! It's that time of year again, so what does that mean? Photo Christmas ornament crafting! It's my favorite thing to do, and I try to make one a project every year. This time around, I thought I would try something that can be a... Read more »

How to make resin coasters

pouring resin into a coaster mold How to make resin coasters by Kate Ledum After molding small resin items, you might wonder what to do with them. One possibility is including them in another resin project, such as coasters. In the tutorial Using Pearl Ex with Resin Two Ways we made a variety of resin leaves. On the side, we also made... Read more »

DIY resin ornaments

brush resin on outside DIY resin ornaments What happens when you have ornaments to upcycle and some leftover resin?  You get creative with coloring!  Last week, I created mustache adornments to decorate the outside of glass ornaments.  I thought to myself then that there must be more we can do.  :) After taking out the metal insert, I propped... Read more »

Resin frame tutorial

finished epoxy clay and resin frame Resin frame tutorial After making a frame with epoxy clay a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what I was going to do with it next.  While it would be cute to make it into a tiny picture frame, I decided the picture on the inside would be too small to see easily.  I... Read more »

Neon Leaves resin tutorial

resin and neon paint

How to use acrylic paint to make neon resin leaves This project is graciously supplied by Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts. Here is a bright and cheery project made possible by neon resin! I have been wanting to make some neon coloured resin molds all winter.  Nothing brightens up a room more than a florescent… Read more »

Amber resin tutorial

make your own amber

How to make your own amber using resin Did you know natural amber is actually fossilized tree resin?  It came from resin that oozed from tree bark millions of years ago.  Wearing the fossil in jewelry dates back centuries and is a very classic look.  Did you know that you can make in your own? … Read more »

Glass glitter resin pendant tutorial

DIY resin pendant

How to make your own resin pendant with glitter   For this pendant, I wanted to create some depth and visual interest by adding my inclusions in layers.  I also used Stampendous glass glitter to create an appearance of texture. I grabbed some scrapbooking paper I had on hand and matched it up with some… Read more »

Resin paper jewelry tutorial

DIY resin paper jewelry

How to make scrapbooking papers into resin jewelry   I don’t scrapbook, but somehow find myself drawn to that section of the craft store whenever I’m in there.  I love the colors and patterns of the papers and thought it was a shame that they couldn’t be jewelry.  Until now.    You can easily make… Read more »

Glow in the dark resin bracelet Part 2

upcycled resin bracelet

How to recycle an old watch into a glow in the dark resin bracelet Supplies needed for this tutorial: Watch with back intact and glass face removed Masking tape Easy cast Castin’ Craft epoxy resin Green glow in the dark powder        *update* since this post was published, we no longer sell the green glow powder… Read more »

Glow in the dark resin bracelet Part 1

recycled resin bracelet tutorial

How to recycle a broken watch into a glow in the dark resin bracelet Supplies needed: Recycled or broken watch Easy Cast epoxy resin 1 ounce mixing cups Clip art printed on a transparency sheet Stir stix Nitrile gloves Green glow in the dark powder     *update* we no longer carry the green glow in the… Read more »