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Ink drop resin washer pendants tutorial – easy beginner project

washer pendants tutorial

How to make an ink drop washer pendant with a resin glaze Originally published January 2014.  Updated March 2019. I love alcohol ink.  It’s great to give transparent color to resin and this week, I wanted to see what else it could do.  This project ended up being so easy.  This washer pendants tutorial would… Read more »

Puffy sticker resin bracelet tutorial

sticker bracelet tutorial

How to turn puffy stickers into a resin bracelet When I saw these stickers a couple of weeks ago, I immediately loved the colors and shapes.  I knew I had to try to make them into resin charms for a bracelet.   To give the stickers a little more depth and sparkle, I wanted a… Read more »

Resin Statement ring tutorial

DIY resin ring

How to make a resin ring with your leftover resin I may have mentioned this before.  I HATE wasting resin — even a few milliliters at the end.  I despise not putting it to good use! I’m always on the lookout for something I can do with it and was pretty excited that I could… Read more »

Wire and resin jewelry tutorial

wire jewelry resin tutorial

Metal wire and resin jewelry tutorial One of the neat things (or disastrous things) about resin is that it will stick to almost anything.  If you don’t have any resin molds, but want to make resin jewelry, a little bit of wire will help you get it done. For this tutorial, I am using 20… Read more »

Resin paper bracelet tutorial

resin papers

How to make a resin paper bracelet After enjoying the possibilities of using my favorite scrapbooking papers in resin jewelry, I wanted to find a way to include my other favorite — iridescent papers — into jewelry as well. Hmm.  Think we can resin both of them together?   Before you get too far into… Read more »

Dichroic glass lookalike resin pendant tutorial

faux dichroic glass pendant tutorial

How to make a dichro-ish resin pendant   I love the look of dichroic glass.  I have no experience making glass pendants, but thought it would be fun to try to recreate them in resin.               I used photoshop to take clip art and make them into black and… Read more »

Resin paper magnet tutorial

DIY resin paper

How to make resin papers (and turn them into a stylish magnet) I hate wasting resin.  I always try to have a series of ‘experiments’ ready to go whenever I have some leftover.  Lately, I have been having fun taking some of my favorite scrapbooking papers and turning those into resin crafts. I had some… Read more »

How to make a resin spoon pendant

spoon pendant tutorail

How to turn an old spoon into a resin pendant Did you know you can turn your next yard sale find into a resin pendant treasure?  Read how you can turn old teaspoons into resin pendants. Supplies: Envirotex jewelry resin Small (1 mm or less) glass beads Teaspoon 1 ounce measuring cups Metal shears Screwdriver… Read more »