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Resin frame tutorial

finished epoxy clay and resin frame Resin frame tutorial After making a frame with epoxy clay a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what I was going to do with it next.  While it would be cute to make it into a tiny picture frame, I decided the picture on the inside would be too small to see easily.  I... Read more »

Handprint pendant tutorial

adding resin to epoxy clay Mini handprint pendant tutorial I'm always intrigued by what my kids bring home.  Don't tell them, but sometimes, their school and party favors end up being the inspiration for my next resin tutorial.  One of them came home with a bunch of plastic charms on a ball chain and my mind immediately turns to what... Read more »

Epoxy clay frame tutorial

demold epoxy clay from silicone mold Epoxy clay frame tutorial I am so lucky to have the best blog readers ever.  One of you sent me a question a few days ago about using epoxy clay in molds.  Ok, twist my arm.  I would love to do a tutorial on that! For this project, I wanted to make a frame that... Read more »

Upcycle vintage baubles with jewelry clay

upcycled jewelry

How to use epoxy jewelry clay to remake vintage jewelry This tutorial is graciously shared by Carmi Cimicata of the Resin Crafts blog. If you’re not familiar with how to use Envirotex Jewelry clay, here is a link to a Glass chip ring tutorial that shows the basics on how to mix and apply the… Read more »

Summer themed switchplate tutorial

DIY switchplate cover

DIY jewelry clay switchplate cover   This tutorial is graciously shared by Carmi Cimicata of the Resin Crafts blog.   This new switch plate should keep you feeling summer-like all year round.   Jewelry Clay is all I needed to attach all these unique embellishments to my white blank switch plate.   These are all… Read more »

DIY Crown Ring

DIY crown ring

How to make a crown ring using epoxy jewelry clay I love working with resin, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough.  While I can use a doming resin to get a peak on my resin castings, sometimes I want a really tall peak to be a part of my design. Case in point, I love… Read more »

Glass chip silver ring tutorial

glass chip ring tutorial

How to make a glass chip ring using epoxy jewelry clay I love big, chunky, statement rings.  I think they’re so much fun to wear and even more fun to look at.  I wanted to make a ring with a vertical appearance, so I decided to use jewelry clay to give me some help. For… Read more »

How to transfer an image to a jewelry clay pendant

epoxy clay jewelry tutorial

Personalize a jewelry clay pendant with your own design   This tutorial is graciously shared by Carmi Cimicata. You may have noticed that I love the artist Klimt.  I have the ability to print his artwork because I have purchased many CD Roms from Dover Publishing, my favorite place for clip art.  Today’s blog post… Read more »

Resin thumbprint pendant tutorial

jewelry clay pendant how to

Keepsake thumbprint pendant tutorial   This tutorial has been graciously shared by Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts. I hope you like these new finger print gift ideas!  I had my niece over a few days ago and we worked on some special gifts for her parents. I filled my bezels with Jewelry Clay and brushed… Read more »

Jewelry clay bracelet tutorial

epoxy clay bracelet how to

How to make a stretchy beaded bracelet with epoxy jewelry clay I was looking at our stretchy bezel bracelets this week and immediately wondered if I could use them with our epoxy clay.  I dove into my pile of assorted sead beads and pulled out several handfuls in the pink and red hues. I mixed… Read more »