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Spring Mason Jar Centerpiece

Spring Mason Jar Centerpiece by Angie Holden Want a unique idea for your table this Easter?  Try dripping colored resin onto jars for a cute spring mason jar centerpiece.  I have three different methods for dripping that will get you three different results.  Pick your favorite and make as many mason jars as you would... Read more »

DIY Valentine’s Day wall art

DIY Valentines Day Wall art DIY Valentine's Day wall art by Penny Reid The hearts used in this DIY Valentine's Day wall art were created in this article on making resin hearts. I will be using two of my favourite resin hearts from Part 1 -- the clear one with Stampendous Glass Glitter and the pink one made with Resin... Read more »

How to Resin a Photo

How to Resin a Photo on Canvas - IG How to Resin a Photo How to Resin a Photo - Great Alternative to Framing! by Penny Reid I have no idea how it took me so long to bring together my two passions, photography and resin! Maybe I simply needed just the right photo. This one was taken during the Annual Air Show in... Read more »

Switch plate outlet cover ideas

DIY switch plate outlet cover ideas Switch plate outlet cover ideas How to make galaxy themed switch plate and outlet covers by Angie Holden I have wanted to use the light switch and outlet cover plastic resin molds for some time. Imagine being able to create your own custom plates anytime you want! The possibilities are endless and you can have... Read more »

Faux enamel wine glass charms tutorial

DIY wine glass charms

Faux enamel wine glass charm tutorial using Judikins Diamond Glaze What do you do when it’s two days before a party and you want to take something as a hostess gift?  Not something you can buy, of course, but a gift that the hostess knows you made yourself? EEK!  (Yes — true story.) I had… Read more »

Resin tile coaster tutorial

resin tiles

How to make a resin coaster with ceramic tiles For Christmas this year, I wanted my kids to create something extra special for their Grandmother.  She is like most in that she doesn’t need much, but always appreciates anything her grandchildren make for her. I thought it would be neat for them to make something… Read more »

Recycle a juice can lid into your next resin project

resin tutorial

How to use a juice can lid for your next resin project   Sometimes finding your next resin project might just be one step away from the trash. One of the neat things about resin (or one its downfalls depending on how you look at it) is that it will stick to most anything.  In… Read more »

Neon Leaves resin tutorial

resin and neon paint

How to use acrylic paint to make neon resin leaves This project is graciously supplied by Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts. Here is a bright and cheery project made possible by neon resin! I have been wanting to make some neon coloured resin molds all winter.  Nothing brightens up a room more than a florescent… Read more »

Resin paper magnet tutorial

DIY resin paper

How to make resin papers (and turn them into a stylish magnet) I hate wasting resin.  I always try to have a series of ‘experiments’ ready to go whenever I have some leftover.  Lately, I have been having fun taking some of my favorite scrapbooking papers and turning those into resin crafts. I had some… Read more »

How to make your own decorative resin jar top

resin jar top

Decorative resin jar top tutorial My sister and her family do this neat thing at her house; they all contribute to what they call the ‘smile jar’.  Anytime someone says something that makes them smile (or in the case of my 9 year old nephew — makes him crack up), it gets written down and… Read more »