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Mother’s day diy gift idea – photo collage board

photo collage board project

In trying to decide what I (yes, I mean I because my husband TOTALLY forgets to take care of his mother) should get my mother-in-law this year for Mother’s Day, I thought this photo collage board finished with resin would be the perfect Mother’s day DIY gift idea.  She is like many older folks who… Read more »

Resin paper magnet tutorial – make resin papers

Originally written January 2014.  Updated April 2020. I hate wasting resin.  I always try to have a series of ‘experiments’ ready to go whenever I have some leftover.  This resin paper magnet tutorial shows you how to use your leftover resin on a cute and thrifty crafting project. Step 1 This project works best when… Read more »

Neon resin leaves tutorial – make leaves with resin

neon resin leaves

    How to make neon resin leaves This project is graciously supplied by Carmi Cimicata of Resin Crafts.  Originally published May 2014.  Updated April 2020. Here is a bright and cheery project made possible by neon resin! Gather your supplies I have been wanting to make some neon coloured resin molds all winter.  Nothing… Read more »

Steampunk crafts – Steampunk craft ideas with resin

steampunk crafts Steampunk crafts with resin Written August 2018.  Updated April 2020. I have always had a fascination with Steampunk jewelry.  I love how something so mechanical and industrial could be transferred into a delicate piece of jewelry.  In going through some of my flea market finds, I decided to pull apart some of the watches and... Read more »

Gifts you can make with resin – even if you are a beginner

inexpensive craft ideas

Handmade gifts are always welcome, but gifts you can make yourself are even better!  Nothing says love and appreciation more than spending your time creating something you know your gift recipient won’t get anywhere!  Here are five inexpensive craft ideas that you can make with resin. Jewelry 1. Using found objects with resin in a… Read more »

Resin keychain DIY – How to make a resin keychain

resin keychain DIY

I’ve been wanting to do a resin keychain DIY project for a while now, and quite frankly, struggled most with choosing a shape.  I finally settled on this paw print silicone mold in our store and I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I like these resin keychains a lot!   Step 1 You want to… Read more »

Mason jar top decorations – Resin crafts

Mason jar top decorations

Originally written December 2013.  Updated March 2020. My sister and her family do this neat thing at her house; they all contribute to what they call the ‘smile jar’.  Anytime someone says something that makes them smile (or in the case of my nephew — makes him crack up), it gets written down and added… Read more »

DIY napkin rings – Make resin flower napkin rings

DIY napkin rings

Originally written November 2012.  Updated February 2020. Learn how to use the Resin Obsession Super Clear resin and Resin Obsession Color Blast resin to DIY napkin rings for your Thanksgiving celebration! Resin Supplies list Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Colors for your resin 1 ounce graduated mixing cups Resin Obsession Stir Stix Silicone Mold Mum… Read more »

Make your own decorative vase with resin accents

This tutorial can also be called What to do with your leftover epoxy resin Originally written November 2012.  Updated January 2020. Resin materials and supplies: Leftover resin (uncured — most likely the little bit left in your cup after pouring into your mold or bezel) Wax paper Vase Spray paint E-6000 Step 1 Tape wax… Read more »

Epoxy resin clock DIY – how to make a resin wall clock

epoxy resin clock

By Penny Reid It seems like marble finishes are everywhere in home décor, so I thought I would try making an epoxy resin clock with my new resin clock mold. Supplies for this resin wall clock project: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Obsession Opaque Color Pigments in white and black Pearl Ex – Antique… Read more »