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DIY Patriotic Lantern

How to make your own patriotic lantern  by Angie Holden Want to make your own décor for summer?  Make this easy patriotic lantern for your home!  This is a project that will look great as a centerpiece for a 4th of July party or with a candle on your mantel.   Supplies needed to make... Read more »

DIY Valentine’s Day wall art

DIY Valentines Day Wall art DIY Valentine's Day wall art by Penny Reid The hearts used in this DIY Valentine's Day wall art were created in this article on making resin hearts. I will be using two of my favourite resin hearts from Part 1 -- the clear one with Stampendous Glass Glitter and the pink one made with Resin... Read more »

Light-Up Thanksgiving Centerpiece

How to make a light up thanksgiving centerpiece How to make your own Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Angie Holden Light up your holiday table with this DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece. It is sure to turn heads and have everyone amazed at your creativity. It is also perfect for those fall dinner parties as well. Set the mood with the glow from this gorgeous fall pumpkin.... Read more »

Halloween wreath DIY – How to make a Halloween wreath

Make a Halloween wreath How to make a Halloween wreath with Glow in the Dark Eyes by Angie Holden Make a glow in the dark eye wreath with a spooky feel with this Halloween wreath DIY! This adorable wreath will look great on your door and light up the night. The trick or treaters will love this one come... Read more »

Cupcake stand DIY

cupcake stand DIY by Angie Holden Serve up your cupcakes at a party in style by creating a sprinkles cupcake stand! This is a fun project for those that love to go all out when it comes to throwing a party. I used multi colored sprinkles but think of other elements that can be embedded in a cake... Read more »

Resin tile coaster tutorial

resin tiles

How to make a resin coaster with ceramic tiles For Christmas this year, I wanted my kids to create something extra special for their Grandmother.  She is like most in that she doesn’t need much, but always appreciates anything her grandchildren make for her. I thought it would be neat for them to make something… Read more »

How to apply a glossy resin layer to a painting

canvas painting

How to resin a painting If you’re looking to resin a painting, here’s the math on how to calculate the amount of resin you will need: Multiply the length (in inches) by the height (in inches) of the art.  This is number is the square inches (or area) of the painting. A doming resin will pour… Read more »

Make a glow in the dark switchplate cover

DIY switch plate cover

Make your own glow in the dark resin switch plate Materials: Resin reusable plastic starburst pattern mold 570 Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin 1 ounce reusable plastic mixing cups 10 ounce reusable plastic mixing cups Resin Obsession Stir stix nitrile gloves Castin’ Craft white opaque pigment Castin’ Craft… Read more »

Seashell resin jewelry and magnets

seashell magnet jewelry tutorial

How to make your own resin seashell jewelry and magnets I spent a couple of days with my peeps at the beach.  While we were there, they amassed a small collection of seashells and sand to take home.  I talked them into making a few mementos of our trip that we could display on our… Read more »