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Color Blocked Resin bangle tutorial

Resin bangle tutorial Color Blocked Confetti Bangle By Myléne Hillam, Mill Lane Studio Supplies needed: EasyCast epoxy resin Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments: Yellow, White Castin’Craft Transparent Dyes: Red, Blue Silicone bangle mold of your choice.  A clear bangle mold with some thickness through the middle will give best results. Silicone trivet with hexagonal cavities (here’s a similar... Read more »

Make a rainbow swirl resin bracelet

How to make a resin bracelet with rainbow swirls Originally published February 2013.  Updated June 2018. Learn how to use alcohol based colors to add some interesting designs to your resin bracelet castings! Supplies needed: Resin bracelet mold (Mold 398 was used for this tutorial) Resin Obsession super clear resin Castin’ Craft mold release spray… Read more »

How To Make Resin Orb Jewelry

How to make resin orb jewelry How to make resin orb jewelry How to make resin orb jewelry by Lynette Olnhausen Making resin orb jewelry is one of my favorite projects.  Even when using the same colors every time, I never know how it's going to look! Supplies For this project, you will need Resin Measuring cups Pipettes Protective gloves Orb... Read more »

How To Make a Lego Lookalike Necklace

Lego necklace DIY Lego necklace DIY How to make a Lego lookalike necklace By Myléne Hillam Mill Lane Studio Resin supplies list: FastCast quick curing casting resin Castin’Craft Black Pigment Adhesive Silicone block strip for Lego blocks (this tape is similar) Teflon craft sheet Double sided tape Adhesive tape Three transfer pipettes Gloves Graduated measuring cups Stir sticks... Read more »

Wood and resin jewelry

wood and resin jewelry Wood and resin jewelry How to make a wood and resin pendant by Michele Rober Hello again! So today I will be showing you all how I create wood and resin jewelry. These resin pendants are easily my most talked about item at craft shows. They require power tools and a lot of elbow grease,... Read more »

Resin rings DIY

Side view of two rings with gold mandala designs on deep purple resin background - text overlar reads: Indian Princess Inspired Resin Rings Resin rings DIY India-Inspired Resin Ring Tutorial by Penny Reid This resin rings DIY made with Indian-inspired tattoos are about as unique as they come. You’ll have people’s eyebrows furrowing as they try and figure out just how you made them! STEP 1 Prepare your rings. Take some blank rings with some depth (doesn’t have... Read more »

How to make resin jewelry

How to make resin jewelry

How to make resin jewelry Originally published February 23, 2012.  Updated April 14, 2018. Making Resin Jewelry Not only is resin jewelry fun to make, it can be an inexpensive way to be creative!  You can add colors and found objects along with molding your resin into unique shapes.  The possibilities are endless! Here are… Read more »

Resin petri earrings

How to make resin petri earrings I'm crazy about the new resin petri style that's popping up in coasters, but I haven't seen it much in jewelry.  It's too artsy and abstract of a style not to make resin petri earrings with the same techniques! To start, I mixed 15 milliliters total of Resin Obsession... Read more »

How to make botanical jewelry

How to make botanical jewelry DIY botanical jewelry How to make botanical jewelry by Michele Rober I use things found in nature in all of my DIY botanical jewelry projects.  It is an easy way to make your jewelry line cohesive while also giving your jewelry a personal and unique look. I have made bead earrings to preserve petals from... Read more »

How to make a resin pendant

how to make resin pendants How to make resin pendants One of the things I love about making resin jewelry is that there are so many options, all using resin as the vehicle.  While I'm normally a molds kinda girl, I do like making resin jewelry with bezel findings as I don't have to worry about demolding.  Once I'm done,... Read more »