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Resin rings DIY

Side view of two rings with gold mandala designs on deep purple resin background - text overlar reads: Indian Princess Inspired Resin Rings Resin rings DIY India-Inspired Resin Ring Tutorial by Penny Reid This resin rings DIY made with Indian-inspired tattoos are about as unique as they come. You’ll have people’s eyebrows furrowing as they try and figure out just how you made them! STEP 1 Prepare your rings. Take some blank rings with some depth (doesn’t have... Read more »

Resin petri earrings

How to make resin petri earrings Once the resin has cured, demold. Note:  the super clear resin is normally very hard after a 24 hour cure.  In this case, while it was fully cured, it was bendable.  I let it cure for an additional three days to let it get fully hard before working with... Read more »

How to make botanical jewelry

How to make botanical jewelry DIY botanical jewelry How to make botanical jewelry by Michele Rober I use things found in nature in all of my DIY botanical jewelry projects.  It is an easy way to make your jewelry line cohesive while also giving your jewelry a personal and unique look. I have made bead earrings to preserve petals from... Read more »

How to make a resin pendant

how to make resin pendants How to make resin pendants One of the things I love about making resin jewelry is that there are so many options, all using resin as the vehicle.  While I'm normally a molds kinda girl, I do like making resin jewelry with bezel findings as I don't have to worry about demolding.  Once I'm done,... Read more »

DIY Dr Seuss jewelry

How to make Dr. Suess inspired jewelry Dr. Seuss Inspired Jewelry by Angie Holden Do you love all things Dr. Seuss? His quotes are not just for kids. You can make a Seuss quote pendant for yourself in minutes. I have three versions for you to download and add to a bezel. Make some additional versions in a word processing program if... Read more »

Resin gold leaf ring

resin and gold leaf ring DIY How to make a resin gold leaf ring I love gold leaf and resin together.  It's an easy way to make something look extravagant. Confession time -- I can't believe I have never shown you how to do this before.  Okay, lets make up for lost time now and make a resin gold leaf ring! To... Read more »

resin bracelet ideas

Rainbow hearts resin bracelet tutorial Rainbow heart resin bracelet tutorial a tutorial giving you resin bracelet ideas by Penny Reid Confession, I have a bit of an obsession with hearts! No matter what I’m creating I am always drawn to incorporate a heart. Also, living in a cold climate for most of the year, it can get pretty grey, so... Read more »