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Bottle cap magnet DIY

bottle cap magnet tutorial In going through the blog over the last few weeks, I can't believe I have never shown you how to use the epoxy stickers in bottle caps.  This is a super easy project that can easily be done in an afternoon. So you might be wondering if I'm into resin and all, why would I... Read more »

Keepsake resin tile coaster

pouring resin on a tile

If you have been reading the Resin Obsession blog for awhile, you might remember last Fall when I used resin as a glaze for decorative tiles.  Quite frankly, I wasn’t super thrilled with the results, although my kids’ grandmother loved the gift.  I wanted to try the project again and did so this week.  I… Read more »

Glitter keychain tutorial

glitter keychain DIY

How to make a bling key chain with glitter and Judikins Diamond Glaze I am a big believer in that the simplest answer (or solution) is usually the best.  When it was time this past week to make my favorite 5 year old princess something special to give to her when I see her in… Read more »

Keepsake artwork pendant tutorial

DIY resin charms

How to create a piece of jewelry from a child’s drawing   My nephew drew a picture of his dog for his school’s art show. He is incredibly proud of his masterpiece, and his mother thought it would be fun to preserve the memory in a resin charm. To get started, you will need a… Read more »