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How to make a pearl and turquoise pendant

resin pendant tray

Turquoise resin and pearl pendant tutorial Embellish your resin jewelry with faux gemstone findings! Supplies needed for this tutorial: Resin Obsession color blast epoxy resin in turquoise  *update* this product is no longer available Part B hardener for color blast resin  *update* this product is no longer available Heart shaped bezel pendant 1 ounce plastic… Read more »

How to make a resin spoon pendant

spoon pendant tutorail

How to turn an old spoon into a resin pendant Did you know you can turn your next yard sale find into a resin pendant treasure?  Read how you can turn old teaspoons into resin pendants. Supplies: Envirotex jewelry resin Small (1 mm or less) glass beads Teaspoon 1 ounce measuring cups Metal shears Screwdriver… Read more »

Make your own Valentine’s Day Candy Heart pendant

candy jewelry tutorial

Did you know that you can use the Valentine’s Day conversation candy hearts in your resin jewelry?  This video shows you how easy it is to make your own Valentine’s Day Candy heart pendants!     Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2013 Resin Obsession, LLC

Domino resin pendant tutorial

How to make a domino resin pendant Recycle a beloved childhood game into your next favorite piece of jewelry! Supply list: Easy Cast Epoxy resin Mod podge glue Dominoes 1 ounce reusable plastic mixing cups Toothpicks Stir Stix Clip art or scrapbooking paper Coarse grit sandpaper Exacto knife Aanraku glue on bails E6000 adhesive  … Read more »

Create a rhinestone resin pendant

rhinestone resin jewelry

Who says resin jewelry can’t have some bling?  Make your very own rhinestone resin pendant necklace in a few easy steps. Supplies: Jewelry bezel (I used our one inch square silver pendant) Clip art or scrapbooking paper Resin Obsession Super clear Resin Paper punch (optional) Glue (Nunn Glue or Ultra Seal) Paintbrush Rhinestone chain Necklace… Read more »

How to make a resin pendant using a bezel pendant tray

bezel tray resin

Make your own resin pendant using a silver pendant jewelry bezel tray Supplies: Clip art Bezel pendant finding (this tutorial uses this one inch by two inch rectangular silver pendant tray) Ultra seal glue sealant Resin Obsession Super clear casting resin Inclusions Trim your clip art to fit your pendant.  I decided to go with… Read more »

Under my thumb resin pendant

thumbprint resin pendant DIY

Create a thumbprint Resin Pendant Tutorial Create a special gift from you for your loved one using Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin. Material List: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Stir Stix Mixing Cups Polymer Clay (any color) Amazing Mold Putty Exacto Knife Drill and 1/16” Drill Bit Bail Chain Necklace Wax paper, freezer paper, or… Read more »

Rainbow Candy Name Resin Pendant Tutorial

DIY resin necklace Rainbow Candy Name Resin Pendant tutorial Material List: - Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin - Candy Sprinkles - Letter Beads - Foil - Scissors - Generic Play-Doh lid (lid shown has an inner diameter of 1 5/8”) - Toothpicks - Stir Stix - Small file for sanding edges - Drill and 1/16” Drill Bit - Jump... Read more »