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Casting butterfly wings in resin

casting butterfly wings in resin Casting butterfly wings in resin by Zell Lee Casting butterfly wings in resin is an easy way to make beautiful jewelry.  Butterfly wings are fragile and need to be protected in some way for your jewelry to last. Glue and moisture will turn iridescent butterfly wings black permanently. Non iridescent wings can withstand glue better... Read more »

How to add flowers to a phone case

How to embellish a phone case with flowers and resin One of the things I love about living in Florida is that every spring, the wildflowers go crazy in bloom.  They grow in fields and along side of the roads.  People are thoughtful enough to not mow them while they are so beautiful.  It makes… Read more »

How to make a bottle cap resin coaster

Make your own Father’s Day bottle cap resin coaster tutorial It’s almost time for Father’s Day and wouldn’t it fun to make something special for Dad? (And by the way, these just aren’t for Father’s Day.  Coasters make great holiday and birthday gifts.  Let your creativity go wild!) Supplies needed: Resin Obsession super clear epoxy… Read more »

Make a rainbow swirl resin bracelet

How to make a resin bracelet with rainbow swirls Learn how to use alcohol inks to add some interesting designs to your resin bracelet castings! Materials: Resin bracelet mold (Mold 398 was used for this tutorial) Resin Obsession super clear resin Castin’ Craft mold release spray Nitrile gloves Stir Stix 1 ounce mixing cups Alcohol… Read more »

Domino resin pendant tutorial

How to make a domino resin pendant Recycle a beloved childhood game into your next favorite piece of jewelry! Supply list: Easy Cast Epoxy resin Mod podge glue Dominoes 1 ounce reusable plastic mixing cups Toothpicks Stir Stix Clip art or scrapbooking paper Coarse grit sandpaper Exacto knife Aanraku glue on bails E6000 adhesive  … Read more »

Beginner questions about resin jewelry making

beginner help resin jewelry making

I teach resin jewelry making classes here in my home state of Florida and get a lot of class participants that are new to making things with resin. I have been amazed at some of the questions they ask (good ones!) and decided that there may be some other new resin jewelry makers that may… Read more »