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7 tricks for using Pearl Ex with Resin

tricks for using pearl ex and resin 7 Tricks for using Pearl Ex powder with resin by Kate Rijacki Ledum Using Pearl Ex powder is an easy way to add sparkle and color to your resin castings.  Resinista Kate Ledum shares a few of her favorite tips to make the powder work for you.  1. If you brush the Pearl Ex on very... Read more »

Using Pearl Ex with Resin

Mix Pearl Ex into resin Using Pearl Ex with Resin Two Ways by Kate "Rijacki" Ledum Pearl Ex is a versatile colourant for resin. It can be used in a few different ways to add colour and sparkle to your resin project. This tutorial focuses on two of those. Pearl Ex by Jacquard is a powdered pigment with a touch... Read more »

How to mix powder pigments into resin

mixing powder pigment into resin

Wondering what the best way is to mix the powder pigment colorants into your resin?  This short video shows our favorite way of blending your favorite dry pigments.     Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2012 Resin Obsession, LLC