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Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin FAQ

jewelry quality resin

Frequently asked questions about Resin Obsession Super Clear Jewelry quality resin: How do I mix super clear resin? You will need to mix 2 parts of resin (part A) to 1 part of hardener (part B). Is there a minimum of resin I have to mix? You need to mix a minimum of 10 cc… Read more »

Judikins Diamond Glaze versus epoxy resin — what’s the difference?


Judikins Diamond glaze or epoxy resin for pendants? I recently became acquainted with the Judikins Diamond glaze product for crafting.  It can produce a clear resin or glass like finish to pendants and certainly has a place in your crafting studio.  If you’re thinking about using Diamond Glaze, here are a few of my initial… Read more »

Resin Obsession color blast resin giveaway winner


Time to announce the April 2014 giveaway winner: There were 52 eligible blog comments (one comment was excluded because someone had entered twice and three comments were excluded because they didn’t answer the question asked in the post) And the winner is:   Congratulations to blog commenter Crystal!

Color blast resin giveaway

color blast resin

Have you heard the phrase, “If you love something — set it free.”  Well I love, love, love our new spring 2014 color blast resin colors.  I can’t decide if I like them better by themselves or together.  (Good thing I don’t have to decide….) This month, I’m giving away a set of the 4… Read more »

Color blast resin special

color blast resin

Because I love the Resin Obsession color blast resin so much and because Resin Obsession has the BEST fans and customers anywhere and because studio kitty thought it was a good idea, I’ve marked down three kinds of our color blast resin to give you the opportunity to try it on the cheap. Get the… Read more »

What kind of resin should I use?

resin brands

What kind of resin should I use for making jewelry and other projects? This is one of the most common questions I get asked about making things with resin.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ resin, and there are MANY things to consider when choosing a resin.  I will walk you through how I… Read more »

What are the different types of resin?

types of resin

Which resin is right for my jewelry making project? When it comes to resin, there are so many options!  I’m going to go through the possibilities here with a list of their pros and cons. All resins are a two part system, consisting of the base resin and the hardener (or catalyst).  By themselves, they… Read more »