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Advice on what resin to use

advice Thoughts on choosing a resin and resin supplies Lots of you have asked me what resin products I use for my resin jewelry and crafts.  Part of the fun of learning resin is experimenting with different items and finding what works for your specific situation.  I do understand, though, that it can be confusing and... Read more »

Resin casting

choices Resin Casting UPDATED January 2017:  Our updated list of resin choices including details to help you select the right one for your project.   Click here --> Resin casting kit choices choices When it comes to resin casting, there are so many choices for a resin.  How do you know which resin is right for you?... Read more »

Resin casting Halloween charms

Resin casting Halloween charms I don't know what it is, but I can't possibly pass up a craft store when I'm within walking (sometimes driving!) distance.  Of course while I'm there, I MUST go by the sales bin.  Imagine my giddiness when I found these beauties! Of course, I decided to use them for resin... Read more »

Casting resin in silicone putty molds

Casing Silicon Putty

Creating resin Legos with reusable silicone molds After my post last week about creating silicone putty molds to make Lego crayons, a few of you remarked that doing that was all well and good, but you wanted to see how well resin did in the molds. Okay.  Let’s do it.   I mixed a batch… Read more »

How to use dried flowers in casting resin charms

dried flowers in resin

Using parchment paper dried flowers to make resin cabochons This is the final experiment in a series about using dried flowers in resin. For this blog post, I will get right to the point.  I won’t show how I sealed the flowers, prepped the mold, mixed the resin or other details about the decisions I… Read more »

Casting resin in cold temperatures


Tips for casting resin when the temperature is cold One of the things I love about living in Florida is that our winters tend to be quite reasonable.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have any cold days, but I know that when the cold ones are here, warm ones are only a couple of days… Read more »

How to cast resin into a reusable silicone mold

pouring resin into a silicone mold

New to casting resin in a silicone mold?  This short video shows you how to prepare mold, demold your resin casting, and gives you tips to extend the life of your mold.