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Glass cube resin ring tutorial

glass bead ring DIY

I also wanted to title this blog post How to use resin as a glue   It hit me the other day that resin can be a glue.  Like, duh.  I have seen the two part epoxy in the adhesive section of the hardware store, but never really thought of jewelry and crafting resin that… Read more »

DIY Crown Ring

DIY crown ring

How to make a crown ring using epoxy jewelry clay     I love working with resin, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough.  While I can use a doming resin to get a peak on my resin castings, sometimes I want a really tall peak to be a part of my design. Case in point,… Read more »

Bottle cap resin ring tutorial

bottle cap resin ring tutorial

DIY bottle cap resin ring I love these bottle cap ring findings.  They’re dainty and cute, but the bezels are deep enough that you can add enough colored resin to make them really pop.                 To make this ring, I used mixed, leftover Castin’ Craft Easy Cast epoxy… Read more »

Glass chip silver ring tutorial

glass chip ring tutorial

How to make a glass chip ring using epoxy jewelry clay I love big, chunky, statement rings.  I think they’re so much fun to wear and even more fun to look at.  I wanted to make a ring with a vertical appearance, so I decided to use jewelry clay to give me some help.  … Read more »

Resin Statement ring tutorial

DIY resin ring

How to make a resin ring with your leftover resin I may have mentioned this before.  I HATE wasting resin — even a few milliliters at the end.  I despise not putting it to good use! I’m always on the lookout for something I can do with it and was pretty excited that I could… Read more »

Blue sparkle resin ring tutorial

resin flower ring tutorial

How to make a blue sparkle flower resin ring Make your own cocktail bling ring in an afternoon               Supplies needed: Resin Obsession super clear resin 1 ounce measuring cups Silicone flower mold (I used mold F0147 single flower) Alumidust intermediate blue color powder Stir stix Nitrile gloves Blue… Read more »

Make a bling ring with epoxy jewelry clay

DIY bling ring

How to use epoxy jewelry clay to make a crystal ring Love how versatile epoxy jewelry clay is?  Have you tried making rings? This week’s tutorial, graciously supplied by Nunn Design, uses the Envirotex jewelry clay and some fancy bling.   Click to read how to make a Ring Bling with epoxy clay