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How to price your handmade jewelry

how to price handmade jewelry

How to price your jewelry for sale Originally published October 2013.  Updated December 2018. I started selling handmade jewelry in 2002.  In that time, I’ve made some mistakes and learned a few things when it comes to pricing your jewelry for sale.  Here are a few of my tips to make sure you get a… Read more »

Tips for selling your jewelry at art fairs and craft festivals

craft fair art show selling tips

Five ‘off the wall tips’ for selling your art jewelry In selling my resin jewelry at a local art show last weekend, I was reminded of a few of my ‘non-traditional’ selling methods that have worked well for me.  Here are some of the things I like to do when it comes to selling my… Read more »

10 things to consider before going into the handmade jewelry business


Things to consider before selling your jewelry If you love resin jewelry making and resin crafting, at some point, you may have considered whether or not you could (or should) sell your resin jewelry.  (Especially when family asks what you’re going to do with all this resin stuff!)  Deciding whether or not to sell your… Read more »

10 Cheap ways to promote your art jewelry business


Looking for inexpensive or free ways to market and advertise your resin jewelry?  Here’s a few suggestions: 1.  Wear it!  No one will wear it with more pride and joy than you will and that will shine through.  When people ask you “where did you get those earrings?”, you can respond with the best answer… Read more »

15 things to include in a jewelry consignment agreement

fountain pen

Things to consider before allowing a store to sell your jewelry on consignment   So you think you want to sell your resin jewelry?  There are lots of online and offline venues to consider.  At some point, you have probably thought about trying to get stores and boutiques to sell your resin jewelry.  Have you… Read more »

Checklist for your next art show or craft festival

to do list

25 things to take to your next art show or craft festival I’m getting ready for my one and only art show this fall and broke out my checklist.  I decided a few years ago that the only way I was going to remember everything I needed to bring to the show was to have… Read more »

16 sign ideas for your next jewelry craft fair booth

blank sign

After last week’s posts on 12 lessons learned from selling resin jewelry at art shows and craft fairs, a few of you emailed me about item number 2, signage. You wanted to know what signs I had or suggested. Here’s my list of sign ideas for your next jewelry craft fair booth:   1. A… Read more »

12 lessons learned from selling jewelry at art shows and craft fairs

jewelry selling tips

What I’ve learned doing 10 years of art shows and craft festivals I started out doing art shows in 2002, and quite frankly, didn’t know what I was doing.  I had been making jewelry and thought I would give it a try selling.  Alas, ignorance was bliss!  I’ve learned a few things over the years… Read more »

Tips for pricing your resin jewelry


Pricing your handmade jewelry can be challenging.  You need sell it at a price that not only covers your costs and (hopefully) makes you a profit, but it needs to be a price that a customer is willing to pay.  Here are a few things to consider when pricing your jewelry: 1.  Keep track of… Read more »