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Rainbow resin tutorial

Rainbow resin tutorial It was all rainbows and unicorns in the studio this week.  Okay, maybe not the unicorns.  Wouldn't that have been cool!  I love creating rainbow charms with resin, but wanted to do something different this week.  I thought it would be fun to create them with different layers of resin. I started... Read more »

Switch plate outlet cover ideas

DIY switch plate outlet cover ideas Switch plate outlet cover ideas How to make galaxy themed switch plate and outlet covers by Angie Holden I have wanted to use the light switch and outlet cover plastic resin molds for some time. Imagine being able to create your own custom plates anytime you want! The possibilities are endless and you can have... Read more »

The Easiest way to make resin pendants

easy resin pendants diy The easiest way to make resin pendants Because I have worked with resin for so long, I sometimes forget that getting started can be overwhelming.  For this week's tutorial, we are getting back to basics and hopefully inspiring resin newbies to jump into their first resin pendants project! If you have spent any amount of... Read more »

Casting resin in candle molds

Casting resin in candle molds A resin experiment gone right! by Penny Reid This is a resin experiment that worked ...mostly! I found this mold in the bargain bin of my local art store.  It had 6 rectangles, approximately 1 inch x 1.2 inches and is meant for candles.  I'm not sure how they are... Read more »

Beach tray DIY

beach tray craft Beach tray DIY Beach Themed Decorative Tray by Angie Holden Want to preserve some of those beach memories in a fun way? Add some of them to a beach themed decorative tray. I love how this beach tray DIY turned out! It is actually perfect for a nautical themed bathroom or use it to hold... Read more »

Faux stained glass DIY

Faux stained glass DIY by Kate Ledum This article is the second in a two-part series.  Read the first part How to use relief outliner paint. Now that the base of the project has been completed, it's time to pour resin! The supplies for this project: Super Clear Resin, transluscent resin dyes from Castin’ Craft,... Read more »

resin paper

resin paper How to make resin paper by Karen Bearse Hi Resin Lovers!! Karen Bearse here, I am very excited to be joining the Resin Obsession team! We will start with my absolute favorite thing to do, a tutorial on making resin paper which we will then die cut. This is what we will be making today,... Read more »

Beach crafts

how to make a beach picture frame How to make a beach picture display window A beach crafts project by Angie Holden Have great pictures from your last beach vacation and no way to display them? Turn an old window into a gorgeous beach picture display with a few craft supplies. This is perfect for those that love the ocean and beach... Read more »

DIY coasters

resin coaster tutorial Sparkly resin coasters by Penny Reid Like all of you, I am always on the look out for things I can use for crafting projects.  You never know where you'll find your next idea! In this ongoing search, I recently found these glass candle holders at Ikea that I thought would make a great DIY coasters... Read more »

How to make pet hair beads

pet hair beads How to make pet hair beads Being a crazy cat lady means I have to immortalize it for all of eternity.  What better way to do that than with making cat hair beads with resin! This is the hardest part of  the entire project. Find a willing participant. I snuck up on studio kitty while... Read more »