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Resin casting in cold weather

cold weather

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Resin casting tricks

resin casting tricks Resin casting tricks One of the neat things about resin is that while many people create things with resin, almost everyone has a different way of doing things.  Over the course of time, many of us have found our own resin casting tricks to help us get the end results we want.  I recently asked a... Read more »

Casting butterfly wings in resin

casting butterfly wings in resin Casting butterfly wings in resin by Zell Lee Casting butterfly wings in resin is an easy way to make beautiful jewelry.  Butterfly wings are fragile and need to be protected in some way for your jewelry to last. Glue and moisture will turn iridescent butterfly wings black permanently. Non iridescent wings can withstand glue better... Read more »

10 ways to make sure your next resin casting is a disaster


Ten ways to make sure your next resin casting is a disaster   Resin casting is a lot of fun.  I love the versatility of embedding objects in the resin along with making it any color I want.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as it looks and can cause frustration for even the most… Read more »

How to dry flowers in a microwave

flowers for drying

How to dry flowers using a microwave This article is the fourth in a series on drying flowers.  You can read the other articles here: How to dry flowers using silica gel beads How to dry flower petals with contact paper How to dry flowers with parchment paper The last technique I tried was to… Read more »

Casting resin in cold temperatures


Tips for casting resin when the temperature is cold One of the things I love about living in Florida is that our winters tend to be quite reasonable.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have any cold days, but I know that when the cold ones are here, warm ones are only a couple of days… Read more »

Resin paperweight tutorial

DIY resin paperweight

How to make a resin paperweight This post is kind of a tutorial, but also an opportunity to experiment. I’m a huge fan of Carmi and the Resin Crafts blog.  Recently, Carmi shared a tutorial where she used a bangle bracelet mold to make a resin paperweight.  I LOVED what she came up with and… Read more »

Resin Crafting Tips

gold five

5 Tips and Tricks for Crafting with Resin! This is a guest blog post by Mona Schmitt of www.craftklatch.com I loooove crafting with resin!  There are so many things you can do and experiment with and most of the time the results are fantastic!  Still things don’t always go as planned, but in life, they… Read more »

Resin Jewelry Making – What every beginner needs to know


Are you a beginner resin jewelry maker?  Don’t mix resin until you read this first! That might seem a bit dramatic, so let me back up a bit. I get a lot of really good questions from aspiring resin jewelry makers and crafters worldwide.  Many of those questions involve how to make something.  More and… Read more »