How to Remove Resin From Almost Anything

Hey there, crafters! I know we have all found ourselves in a sticky situation, literally, with resin everywhere – on your hands, clothes, or even your carpet (hey spills happen!). Well, fear not, for I bring you the ultimate guide to de-resin-ify your life! Let’s get un-sticky and get help to remove resin! How to […]

Encapsulating Items in Epoxy

Encapsulating Items in Epoxy is one of my favorite projects to make. Spring is coming and we are here for all of the bunnies, eggs, grass, and pastel colors! Have you ever tried encapsulating items in Epoxy? If you’re new to trying this technique, here’s how to make some cutie Easter Coasters by encapsulating some […]

How to Make UV Resin Bubbles Tutorial

Bubble Up Your Resin Art: A Fun Way to Create UV Resin Bubbles! Welcome, fellow resin craft enthusiasts and bubble aficionados! Today, we’re diving into the world of UV resin art, and guess what’s bubbling up on the agenda? That’s right, UV resin bubbles! Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist or a curious newbie, get […]

Create your own Molds with Mold Maker for Resin

Mold Maker allows you to create custom molds for a variety of applications, from craft projects to prototyping. These molds can be used repeatedly and are the perfect solution when you can’t find the mold you need.The process involves creating a master object (the item you want to replicate), mixing a silicone molding compound, and […]

Alcohol Ink Floral Resin Technique

The alcohol ink resin flower technique is a unique method for creating vibrant, ethereal floral designs within a resin medium. This technique leverages the natural tendency of alcohol inks to spread and interact with resin, resulting in stunning, flower-like patterns. Here’s a detailed overview of how to achieve this effect: Materials Needed Step 1: Preparing […]

How to Create a Terrazzo Jewelry Tray with Eco Resin

Terrazzo, with its distinctive speckled appearance, has been a popular material in design for decades, beloved for its versatility and colorful aesthetic. Traditionally used for flooring and wall treatments, terrazzo has found its way into smaller, more personal items like jewelry trays. Making a faux terrazzo jewelry tray using eco resin is not only a […]

How to Create Resin Lacing Art

Resin art has so many different techniques and mediums; there’s an endless array of opportunities to get creative. Among the myriad of techniques available, resin lacing is particularly captivating, creating intricate, web-like patterns that mimic natural forms such as waves, clouds, or even marble. While lacing might look like a difficult technique to master, we’re […]

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