Reclaim time for yourself, your resin jewelry, and your resin craft ideas.

Ever notice how when time gets tight, the things we love are the first to go?  I was recently inspired by the non profit website Cre8time.org, whose mission it is to help people find 8 hours a month to get in the crafting time they need (and deserve)!

As a busy mom of 3 and small business owner, finding time to craft is beyond a challenge.  I do know, however, that it is good for me and what I need to do to keep my sanity.  Here’s a few of my tips to make sure I get in (at least) 8 hours of crafting time a month:

1.  Schedule it in.  We have a family calendar.  I write on the calendar the hour or two I know I will need on our calendar.  Kids and hubby know that it is important and are happy to work with me on this blocked off amount of time.

2.  Squeeze every minute possible out of my down time.  Whether I’m in the pick up line at my kids’ school or I’m waiting at the dentist’s office, I’ve got materials with me to read about resin crafting.  I try to make the most of every minute possible.

3.  Do fifteen.  So you don’t have a couple of hours?  Make it a point to devote 15 minutes daily to your crafting.  Fifteen minutes is enough for me to dip my feet in and work on something that helps me to re-energize.  While it may not be enough time to mix and pour some resin, it certainly is enough time to peruse magazines or read a couple of blog posts from a couple of my favorite resinistas in order to get excited about making resin jewelry.

4.  Get smart.  With your phone that is.  If you’re lucky enough to have a smartphone, here’s a few of my favorite apps to keep me crafting on the go:

  • Evernote:  the ultimate in keeping you organized.  You can type to-do lists, leave yourself verbal notes, link files together, tag pictures and on and on.  The part I really love about this app is that it automatically syncs with my phone, tablet and desktop computer, so I’m always up to date, regardless of which piece of technology I’m using.
  • Pinterest:  my visual bulletin board.  Before Pinterest, I bookmarked pages to my browser or delicious only to remember months later what I wanted to remember.  Pinterest has made this so easy for me.  (What I didn’t I think of that?!)  Now, I can pin images to my boards that will serve as inspiration for later projects.
  • Craftgawker:  seriously intense crafting projects.  Imagine pinterest, but it’s been peer reviewed and it’s only craft related.  I LOVE the number of tutorials about all things crafting (especially resin!) on this site

And by the way, these websites can be found online as well.

5.  If you can’t beat them, join them.  For those of you who have a family to take care of, I’m sure you find it challenging to say the least to get time to do your crafting.  Why not bring the kids into it?  Let them help you! (age appropariate tasks of course)  For little children, maybe they can look at colors for you or even give you ideas on what to include in your resin castings.  For your older children, maybe they can work on some easy projects while you are doing yours.

6.  Kill the cable.  Not kidding.  I decided a little over a year ago to kill everything over basic cable.  It’s amazing how much more time I have to work on resin crafts when I don’t have the opportunity to channel surf those 100 channels that you could never find anything to watch anyway.

7.  Unplug everything else.  Seriously.  Turn off the phone, unplug the social media, turn on your favorite studio tunes.  Everything will be fine if you unplug from everyone else for a couple of hours.  You deserve to do this without distraction!

What else do you do to help reclaim your resin jewelry making time?


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