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Resin table.

Hello guys, so i’ve been trying to make a resin table and i keep having different problems. I tried a 90cm lenght 60cm wide river table with epoxy. We made the casing we prepared the 2 wood pieces. 2.5cm height, then we added weights to it 2 on each side. We poured resin down the… Read more »

Need to find a top coat for outdoor resin table

I’m wanting to make a resin geode table for my balcony. I got a uv resistant epoxy but I also wanted to use a uv resistant finish or varnish on it. Do you all have any suggestions? It’s a small table less than 3ft diameter and I’m not looking to break the bank. Please help… Read more »

Making a resin tabletop with ink drops.

I stumbled upon an Instagram account, @bfreeart , and became inspired to try the technique of what looks like dripping ink into resin. My concern is that It will affect the curing process of the resin. Maybe it will cure gummy, too diluted? Any tips on how I can achieve a hard cure for this?… Read more »

Resin table tops

Hi , Ive been an artist gor thirty years , just started doing resin topped furniture … desks mainly … i want to get into making furniture… im having trouble makkng the mold. And suggestions…. the only thing i canfind is constructing it w wood. Not sure how i would get it off after ot… Read more »

Clay and Resin tabletop

I’m very new to resin so my question may be very elementary. I have a design in mind for a table top. I planned to spray paint the table for the base color, apply a resin layer with pigments, then after partially cured add my clay design so that the original layer of resin art… Read more »

Want to make resin tables and stools

This question comes from Gabriela: Hello, I am interested in making wood and resin tables, even stools. I would like to know if you guys have the right resin (epoxy) for this and which one would be appropriate for my project. Since it is a big project, I would need to buy in gallons or… Read more »

Finish on a resin table

This question comes from Leo: I am making a dining wood/polished concrete table which will have a resin finish. My question is whether there is a grade of finish in resin like paint ie can it go from a matt finish semi gloss low sheen or is it all that high gloss mirror effect?

What should I use for a mold for a resin tabletop?

This question comes from Brandon: I’m looking to cast a half wood half resin table as an end table. I’m wondering if you recommend a product to use as a mold? I was considering using plexiglass to make a tabletop shape mold but wasnt sure how that would work if I use a resin release…. Read more »

Casting a resin tabletop with an ‘iceberg’

This question comes from Rick: I would like to cast a table top using Resin but would like it to look like ice internally. I have a display base that was cast around a piece of teak wood that has this effect inside the casting and I can send a photo for you to analyze.

Making a sea glass resin table

This question comes from Donna: I would like to make a sea glass design on a large table. Since the glass has uneven edges, is there any advice you can offer. Should I glue to glass down first? Should I put wax paper around the edges? What should I create around the edge of the… Read more »