Deep pour resin casting tips – resin river table advice

When it comes to using resin, there is a cardinal rule you have to follow whether you like it or not. The resin always wins. What I mean by that is resin will do what it’s supposed to do. We, as crafters and artists, need to work within the confines and the limits of the […]

How to make a resin spoon pendant

  Did you know you can turn your next yard sale find into a resin pendant treasure?  Here’s how to make a resin spoon pendant with old tableware.   Resin Supplies: Resin Obsession crystal doming resin Small (1 mm or less) glass beads Old teaspoon 1 ounce measuring cups Metal shears Screwdriver (or something else […]

Epoxy art – how to create resin art projects

Getting started with epoxy art can be overwhelming. What resin supplies do you need? What techniques do you need to use? What if I make a mistake? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated! Let me break down for you what you need to know to make beautiful epoxy art. Why make epoxy art? […]

How to use a heat gun with resin

If you hate bubbles in resin as I do (okay, let’s get real. Who likes bubbles in resin??), then you are going to love this article where I show you how to use a heat gun to remove bubbles in resin. There are three reasons why I like to use a heat gun to help […]

Which resin do you use for resin art?

So, you want to create resin art. Awesome! But with so many choices out there, you’re worried about choosing the wrong one and getting less than perfect results.  How do you know which resin to use? You need to use an epoxy resin For projects like this, using an epoxy resin is key. You may […]

Easy way to avoid drilling through resin

  While I love making charms with resin, I don’t always like having to use my drill to get holes in resin.  If you’re anything like me and you’re looking for an easy way to avoid drilling through resin, then you are going to love the Resin Obsession toobies! The toobies are small plastic tubes […]