Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin FAQ

  Frequently asked questions about Resin Obsession Super Clear Jewelry quality resin: How do I mix super clear resin? Mix 2 parts of resin (part A) to 1 part of hardener (part B) by volume. Is there a minimum of resin I have to mix? You need to mix a minimum of 10 milliliters of […]

How to use a heat gun with resin

If you hate bubbles in resin as I do (okay, let’s get real. Who likes bubbles in resin??), then you are going to love this article where I show you how to use a heat gun to remove bubbles in resin. There are three reasons why I like to use a heat gun to help […]

Resin rings DIY – Cute resin ring project

India-Inspired Resin Ring Tutorial by Penny Reid These resin rings DIY made with Indian-inspired tattoos are about as unique as they come. You’ll have people’s eyebrows furrowing as they try and figure out just how you made them! STEP 1 Prepare your rings. Take some blank rings with some depth (doesn’t have to be much) […]