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Resin mold release – Why I always use it

If you cast resin into resin molds, you might be wondering if you need a resin mold release.  I use one every time — and here’s why: In case something goes wrong The plastics and silicones used for resin mold-making are inherently designed not to stick to resin.  So if the resin isn’t supposed to… Read more »

Wood and resin jewelry – Combine wood and resin

How to make a wood and resin pendant by Michele Rober Hello again! So today I will be showing you all how I create wood and resin jewelry. These resin pendants are easily my most talked about item at craft shows. They require power tools and a lot of elbow grease, but the result is... Read more »

What do you need to start making resin jewelry? – Resin supply list

So, you want to make jewelry with resin. Awesome! The first thing you are likely asking yourself is, what do you need to start making resin jewelry? Let me break it down for you in a resin jewelry supply list to help. Resin Uh yeah, this is obvious right, but what kind of resin should… Read more »

How to make a resin bangle bracelet

Make your own resin bangle bracelet What do you get when you take your favorite scrapbooking paper and add some resin?  You get a fashionable resin bangle bracelet!  Here’s what you need to get started: Resin supplies list: Resin Obsession 6 oz super clear resin 10 oz mixing cups Bangle bracelet mold Stir stix Ultra… Read more »