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5 Biggest Resin Troubleshooting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Crafting with resin seemed like a good idea at the time. Make a resin bowl or keepsake pendants. Or compose a piece of epoxy art for your living room. But now you find yourself calling the resin obscenities like ‘YOU zit-popping puff poodle!’ and you’re wondering where you went wrong. While creating with resin is […]

DIY Resin Christmas Ornaments Like An Expert

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a crafting project. So what do you say about a DIY resin Christmas ornaments afternoon? You won’t believe how easy this resin project is. Step 1: Paint the Ornaments. First, start with something to serve as your DIY resin Christmas ornaments base. I’m using unglazed ceramic ornaments, but wooden cutouts […]

The EASIEST Open Bezel Resin Tutorial You’ll Find

Hold up — this is NOT an open bezel resin tutorial on using dried flowers. Being one that doesn’t like to fuss with drying flowers, combined with being a bit lazy, I wanted to try to get the look of a small delicate flower in a resin pendant using a different method. I found this […]

5 BEST Cold Weather Resin Tips To Avoid Sticky Resin

One of the things I love about living in Florida is that our winters tend to be quite reasonable. And by reasonable, I mean I can wear flip-flops pretty much any day of the year. It also means I don’t have to worry much about casting resin in cold temperatures. But I know many of […]


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