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Epoxy resin clock DIY – how to make a resin wall clock

By Penny Reid It seems like marble finishes are everywhere in home décor, so I thought I would try making an epoxy resin clock with my new resin clock mold. Supplies for this resin wall clock project: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Obsession Opaque Color Pigments in white and black Pearl Ex – Antique… Read more »

Crafts for ladies groups – group art projects for adults

Who doesn’t need an excuse for a girls’ night out? If you think you want to host a girl’s night party, why not invite resin along? Here are some crafts for ladies’ groups that will have everyone asking when you will be hosting the next one! I know you are anxious to start planning, but… Read more »

Resin diorama pendants – how to make diorama pendants with resin

Originally published January 2018.  Updated January 2020. Now that my kids are a little older, their school projects have become a little more sophisticated.  When they had to do a diorama as a book report, I took that as an opportunity to take on my own resin diorama project. If you aren't familiar with dioramas,... Read more »

How to get your resin to cure in cold weather

Thanks to Jason Bell of Ballistic Impressions for sharing this tip. I was having curing issues with the polyester, polyurethane, and epoxy resins I use when casting during this time of the year in my garage. I realized it was pretty much all around the heat or lack thereof during the complete curing process. It… Read more »