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How To Fix Sticky Resin and Save Your Project

I don’t know that sticky anything is ever good. Okay, sticky notes. But other than that, I can’t think of much else good that’s sticky. Including sticky resin. Once you’re done with the swearing and crocodile tears, here are some ways how to fix sticky resin. Scenario 1: The cured resin is sticky on the […]

8 Reasons Why My Resin Is Sticky

You buy resin, mix the two parts together, then use it for your project. But, you come back later to find it’s not fully cured, but instead a sticky mess.  Now you find yourself asking why is my resin sticky? There eight reasons why this could have happened. And the good news is that there […]

10 Tips For Banishing Resin Bubbles

Hand up if you hate bubbles in resin. Me too. Nothing ruins your resin crafts faster than finding a bubble in your cured epoxy. How about you show those bubbles who’s boss? Here are ten tips for banishing bubbles in resin. 1. Choose the right resin for your project. This tip is #1 for a […]

How To Get Resin Classes For Under $50

If you are looking for a way to take resin classes, this is it. Why take resin classes? The question should be, why not take resin classes?! Creating with resin is something that you can have fun with right away. Complete newbies can create something unique they can wear or use in only a couple […]


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