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Can you drill holes in resin? – How to drill holes in resin

After creating your resin charms, you may be wondering, can you drill holes in resin? The answer is an emphatic YES! Here’s how to drill resin charms to make them into wearable jewelry: Step 1 Make sure your resin is fully cured. You cannot drill uncured or partially cured resin. Besides being messy, soft or… Read more »

Resin painting 114

Because I had so much fun with last week’s painting, I decided to do another one this week using a plastic juicer.  I decided this painting will also be an opportunity to cover up painting 108. Resin formula I mixed 6 ounces of resin, then poured off one ounce into two separate cups and colored… Read more »

How to polish resin – different ways of polishing resin

After completing your resin project, you may decide you want a shinier finish. Here are a few key steps on how to polish resin. Determine how hard has your resin cured. Not all resins can take heat and friction well. Some will make crumbs and can even melt. So how do you know how hard… Read more »

resin painting with a juicer

You should not expect anything exciting from this week’s painting.  I wanted to try a ‘juicer’ to apply the resin, so I didn’t make anything really complicated. Uh juicer?  I thought water wasn’t good for resin.  It’s not, but I found this dandy plastic juicer at the dollar store and thought I would give it… Read more »