How to use flower petals in resin

Originally published January 2015.  Updated April 2020. This article is part of a series on using dried flowers in resin.  You can read the previous article, using dried flowers in resin. A couple of weeks back, I took on the challenge of drying flowers for use in resin.  One of the methods I researched involved […]

How to dry flowers in a microwave

Originally written January 2015.  Updated April 2020. This article is the fourth in a series on drying flowers.  You can read the other articles here: Learn How to dry flowers using silica gel beads Read How to dry flower petals with contact paper Try How to dry flowers with parchment paper The last technique I […]

How to add flowers to a phone case

Written April 2015.  Updated March 2020. One of the things I love about living in Florida is that every spring, the wildflowers go crazy in bloom.  They grow in fields and alongside the roads.  People are thoughtful enough to not mow them while they are so beautiful.  It makes a long drive much more enjoyable. […]

How to make resin flower jewelry

How to make resin flower jewelry by Michele Rober   Hello everybody! I’m back with another tutorial and I am so excited to share this one on how to make resin flower jewelry. This project uses pressed flowers to create stylish pendants that will last forever. Every time I am at a wedding, I always [...]