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A quick note before you send your email…

I am humbled and honored so many of you come to Resin Obsession for your products and crafting advice. It means a lot!  Here are your options to get questions answered:

Option 1

place your question in our resin forum.

There is a video there showing how to choose a category and ask your question.  While I can’t answer every question, there are many other resin fanatics who are happy to share their advice and experiences to help you.

We have worked very hard to put a lot of technical information and advice onto so anyone interested in resin art, crafts and jewelry making can learn. Please know that if you are writing to us below with a general resin question, we will respond to you with a link on how to post in our resin forum.

Option 2

use the contact me form below to set up a 15-minute coaching call where you and I can talk in real-time and I can offer my best advice.

My charge for these calls are $20 and you can pick a time from my available schedule that best works for you.  Use the form below with ‘coaching call request’ in the subject line, and I will be in touch with more details.

Option 3

If you are writing to us about an order you have placed or have a specific question about a product we sell, scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your question to us.

Someone on the team will get back to you within 1 business day to help.


Talk soon!


P.S.  Please know that while I’m happy to help you when and where I can, I will not give advice on how to copy or replicate a specific artist’s work.  


If you have placed an order with us or have a question specific to a product we sell, please complete the form below.  Someone on the Resin Obsession team will be happy to reply, usually within one business day (Monday through Friday).