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A quick note before you send your email…

I am humbled and honored so many of you come to Resin Obsession for your products and crafting advice. It means a lot!  Here are your options to get questions answered:

Option 1

Place your question in our resin forum.

There is a video there showing how to choose a category and ask your question.  While I can’t answer every question, there are many other resin fanatics who are happy to share their advice and experiences to help you.

We have worked very hard to put a lot of technical information and advice onto so anyone interested in resin art, crafts and jewelry making can learn. Please know that if you are writing to us below with a general resin question, we will respond to you with a link on how to post in our resin forum.

Option 2

Use the contact me form below to set up a 15-minute coaching call where you and I can talk in real-time and I can offer my best advice.

My charge for these calls are $20 and you can pick a time from my available schedule that best works for you.  Use the form below with ‘coaching call request’ in the subject line and a brief description of what you need help with.  I will be in touch with more details.

Option 3

If you are writing to us about an order you have placed or have a specific question about a product we sell, use this contact form.

Someone on the Resin Obsession team will be happy to reply within one day (Monday through Friday).

If you are writing to us below with a general resin question, please use option 1 above to get your question answered faster.

We do answer messages within one business day.  If you don’t see a response from us, please check your spam folder as our replies can end up there.  (We don’t understand why the internet doesn’t want us to help you either.)

    Want to send us an old school postal mail letter?

    We love reading your notes!  You can write to us at:

    Resin Obsession, LLC

    5200 NW 43rd St. Suite 102-158

    Gainesville, FL 32606

    Please do not use this address to send us product returns.  Instead, send us an email above and we will give you our direct returns address.

    So wait, why no phone number?

    I get it.  Talking to a real person seems like the best way to get your questions answered quickly, and I definitely want to help you do that.  The problem is that the people in this office tend to keep weird hours (I try to be flexible with them) and I might be hands deep in a resin project when a call comes in.  That means someone may not available to take your call, which is even more frustrating.  Since we can’t offer phone service, we are committed to checking email several times a day to give you help.   So if you send us a message above, I promise it won’t be days before you hear from us.  🙂






    Wanna hang out? Cool. We love creative people.

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